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Events To November 7 Victory


The Audacity Of Gravitas: Restore Intelligence To The White House

Barnes & Noble Booksellers 267 7th Ave, Brooklyn, 11215

Hillary was the front runner. But she can not be seen running for president now, or at least that is what she thinks. This was great timing on Obama's part. He gently whispered. He might run for president, and sucked all the oxygen in the room. He did not do it to sell more books. But that prompted me to go and buy his new book. The Audacity Of Hope. This man can talk about faith and family without coming across like he were apologizing to the fundies. Fuck the fundies. The fundies can go to hell.

I drove over to the nearest Barnes & Noble, the one on Park Slope. I ended up parking two block lengths away, which was great, because the walk was so nice, it always is.

I am half way through the book by now. What a read. I also bought the guy's first book a long time ago. My recurring thought through that book was, this guy could be a star novelist. He has such a romantic eye for little details. He is gifted. He can write…

Barack Is A Deaniac

Dick Cheney, Nelson Mandela, Howard Dean

Barack is one of us. He is a Deaniac. He is the original anti-war candidate. We have to get behind Barack Obama like we have never gotten behind any candidate as Democracy For America. This time we are going all the way. We have experienced the highs and lows of victories and defeats in races at all levels as an organization. Now we go for the ultimate prize, the White House. Every fiber in my body aches to see Barack Obama in the White House.

We have taken over the party, now we take over the country. With Dean at the helm of the party, we are going to create a perfet storm for Obama. We are going to put in place a political operation that Karl Rove never even fantasized about. We are going to nail all the details. Karl Rove is snail mail, we are email. It is a difference between centuries.

I believe I am going to start going to DFNYC events all over again, like I did when I first came into the city. I believe I will go ahead and resubscribe to t…

Voting Machines On The Upper West

So I went to this event yesterday: DFA Event: A Forum On Voting Machines. Although this was not a DFNYC event per se, there was the ecosystem concept in play and many organizations were involved, but I was aware I was going to a DFNYC event after a long break. I expected to see, if not meet and greet, the usual suspects. They were there. Looked to me like the white asshole males have taken over DFNYC. Dan Jacoby was in charge on stage, Lewis Cohen was in charge off stage. People to whom my clear message has been, get the fuck out of my face, forever. It is like this. You get into a time machine, you go back, and you eat some of your words, or you stay the fuck out of my face. And by the way, there are parts of my life where you don't belong (A Few Diagrams), and don't be making racist comments. Ever.

The South Dakota Event
Social Progress: Show Me The Money

I am going to do a Nepal repeat in New York City for Barack Obama. The idea is to launch a digital democracy organization - …