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Is It Working?

Performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Index during Black Monday (Photo credit: Wikipedia) the snake oil sold as remedy for a sputtering world economy after 2008 isn’t working..... After the sub-prime crisis in the US and the steep fall in markets following the Lehman Brothers bust, the world has tried to solve the problem by throwing more and more money at the problem – money printed and lent out at near zero interest rates almost all over the developed world. ...... China, with its export engine struggling, has been extremely unsuccessful in shifting its emphasis to domestic consumption-led growth. ...... in the absence of a more fundamental re-balancing of real economy incentives and the return of covert mercantilism among countries, it is the financial markets that fed themselves on zero-cost money. ..... the cheap money was used by companies and financial institutions not to lend to companies creating jobs, but to make money from money – which means financial investments like s…

Hardik Patel Is Not A Movement

And Narendra Modi is no fluke.

I have not had a chance to dig deep into Hardik Patel. But on the face of it, I see hundreds of thousands of Patels rallying around a 22 year old who scored 50% on his B.A. exam. These are men unhappy that their state has a woman Chief Minister. It does not matter that she is a Patel herself.

I am currently engaged in a debate in Nepal where I am arguing for a dynamic formula on reservations, one with a sunset clause. Once a community makes headway and achieves parity, the reservations are dropped for that particular community.

But reservations affect only a small portion of the targeted communities. Most of the people will be helped in the private sector. The jobs that the private sector will create will do much of the heavy lifting. And Modi is focused on that like a laser beam.

Patels are the most famous Indians in America. They seem to be doing fine. They are no Dalits.

I have watched attacks on women like Irani, the Foreign Minister and the Rajasth…

Just Saw This On A Mexican Friend's Facebook Wall


Nitish' Bihar


Elephant Vs. Dragon


What Is Bihar's Current Growth Rate?

Per capita net state domestic product (NSDP) of Indian states in 1997-1998 (Darker states have higher per capita NSDP). The states of Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have one of the lowest NSDPs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Per capita income in Bihar PER CAPITA INCOME OF ALL STATES/UT'S AND ALL INDIA AT CURRENT PRICES (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Macro-economic trend, This is a chart of trend of gross state domestic product of Bihar at market prices estimated by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I am confused. I am seeing all sorts of numbers. Some say 10% some say 18%. I think inflation is the funny monkey here. मैं तो कंफ्यूज हो गया। 

Indian states by GDP Growth
At constant 2004-05 prices, Puducherry has attained highest GSDP growth of 10.69% among 33 Indian States and Union Territories In year 2013-14. Only Puducherry has growth rate of above 10 per cent. Next in line come Meghalaya (9.76%), Chandigarh (9.64%), Madhya Prade…