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Will It Be Obama Versus Rudy?

I'd prefer McCain, because McCain would be so easy to beat. A piece of cake, like I have said before. Rudy Giuliani would be a tougher opponent. But because of his stance on social issues, he will help the Republican Party grow up. Republicans were the segregationists back in the days. Today no mainstream Republican is. A Rudy candidacy will help move the ball along.

He has this aura about him from 9/11. And he was a pretty good Mayor before that. But he overplayed his cards, and ended up looking insensitive to minority sentiments. His plus would be that he has held an executive position, kind of like being that mythical southern state Governor. His minus would be that he still does not get it on the Iraq War: he keeps defending all of Bush' decisions. But his approach is much more nuanched than that of McCain, so he will make it harder also on Iraq. McCain's attitude is belligerent. I am that famous Vet, don't you know me, send in more troops. Giuliani, on the other ha…

Austin, Here I Come

In The News

Obama Ridicules Cheney's Iraq Comments Wyoming News, WY
Obama ridicules Cheney at Austin rally Dallas Morning News (subscription), TX
Interest appears high in Barack Obama's Austin landing Austin American-Statesman (subscription), TX a midday private fundraiser to be followed by the free outdoor event
Obama fires up Texas Dems at rally UT The Daily Texan, TX the stated goal to "kick ass" .... people of various ages, races and backgrounds .... Obama's magnetism extended all the way to Princeton Review's ninth-most conservative school in the nation, where a group of Aggie Democrats embarked on a trek from College Station across the geo-political spectrum. .....there hasn't been such an energizing political figure since Robert Kennedy. ..... "You don't often see such diversity at a political event," she said. "Hopefully we're starting a trend." ..... his 40-minute speech. ..... "We are less safe now than when th…

Two Obama Events: Manhattan, Brooklyn

I went to the first Manhattan event for Obama that was a citywide thing, organized by New York City For Obama. First it was slated to be at Rudy's near Times Square where I have been going for Drinking Liberally. But soon too many had signed up and something more spacious was found. You could just feel the energy. We ended up in the East Village, I think.

Then I went to the first Brooklyn event for Obama. It was in Park Slope. I had planned on walking, but with my usual disorganization and last minute catchup, I boarded the train. I got reminded of the Brooklyn appeal. The place was just so much more spacious, the street outside quieter. Manhattan tends to be high tempo, crowded. You could just feel the energy.

Manhattan is for work. Brooklyn is for living.

When I landed in NYC, I sought out DFNYC and that was all good except Howard Dean was no longer running for president. I never got around to getting excited about the many local races the organization specializes in. The mayoral …

A Rare Email From Bill Clinton

From a guy who has sent out a total of two emails over a lifetime! This makes it three.

BarackTV: Iowa To New Hampshire

Iraq On My Mind

Something Special Is Happening


Dear Paramendra, Over 15,000 people showed up in Springfield, Illinois and thousands more watched online as Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president on Saturday. If you missed it, you can watch the speech online right now: announcement was different from any other in history. That's because, as Barack announced the campaign's start, over 50,000 new supporters across the country signed up and hit the ground running. What makes our campaign unique is that supporters instantly became leaders and organizers using the totally new The new site has all the information and tools you need to take this campaign into your own hands, and across the country thousands of people have already begun to put these tools to use. The new web site empowers you to build your own profile, network with other supporters near you, find local events or plan your own, create your own or join a grassroots group, and take campaign fun…