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Hillary's Tuesday Night Speech

Hillary must know by now Barack is king.

A Jack Kennedy advisor who went to win the Nobel Prize in Economics once asked Kennedy to pick a political fight. If you win, you do good. If you lose, you will at least have fought a good fight, he said. Jack Kennedy did not like the idea.

"That's vanity, Paul, that's not politics," Jack Kennedy said.

If Hillary is still running Wednesday morning, put her on the cover of Vanity Fair, because by then she will have switched careers. She will no longer be in politics, she will have switched to being in the vanity business.

In February it was about not quitting. Ohio and Texas were about not quitting. Pennsylvania was about not quitting, it was about fighting all the way. West Virginia, Kentucky. Puerto Rico was about paying attention to the very last voter.

But after the last voter has spoken, and if Hillary keeps chugging along, that is not politics, Paul, that is vanity.

Hillary's best bet is to end up on Barack's ticket now…

June 4, 2008 Court Appearance: Prepared Statement: Final Draft

This is the full set of documents I intend to submit to the judge. This blog post is me exercising my right to free speech. It is not me trying to communicate with Elizabeth. I especially ask people who know both of us to respect aspects of my pledge of no contact as they might apply to them. Although these documents were written over days this past week, they come into effect as of today, including my pledge to not mention her at my blog in the future.

June 4, 2008 Court Appearance: Prepared Statement
9:30 AM, 2nd Floor, 100 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013

Pledge Of No Contact With Elizabeth Caputo I will not email her, I will not call her, I will not meet her. She runs DL21C. I will not show up for DL21C events. I will not ask anyone else to contact her for me. Elizabeth runs DL21C, Justin Krebs runs Drinking Liberally, Tracey Denton runs DFNYC, Al Benninghoff runs MYD. I have been going to events by these organizations for the past three years. I have gone to over 100 events by …