Tim Russert Measures Up

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Barack will carry more than 35 states next fall. I see signs.

Tim Russert Remedies

I just watched online the hour long interview of Barack by Russert. The first thing I noticed was it was an hour. Otherwise he has people on for half an hour. Hillary got half hour, so did all the other Dems and Repubs who went on the show in the 2008 series. This more than makes up for the mistake of basically ignoring Obama at one of the debates that he hosted. (Tim Russert: Bill O'Reilly's Lower Case Cousin)

I also thought the inteview was extremely well done. It was not one of those gotcha ones that Fox specializes in. And it was definitely not an easy one. He asked all the tough questions anyone could think of to ask Obama. As an ardent supporter of Barack, I would rather Barack face the tough questions early rather than late.

But the interview almost had a Charlie Rose quality to it. Neither looked like they were in a hurry. From the beginning it felt like Russert will cover all bases, as he proceeded to do.

At the end it felt to me like this is what a great, professional journalist would do to a would be president. His job is to inform the people and he did plenty of that. He was thorough, he was grilling and inquisitive. He brought answers out of the candidate. Russert dug with much skill.

I also think it is symbolic that Barack is the last Dem candidate to appear on the program. That means the program thinks he is the one who will get the nomination.

Barack just got immunized.

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Tim Russert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia was chief of staff to Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan from 1977 to 1982. An avid fan of the American Football team the Buffalo Bills, Russert usually closes Sunday broadcasts during the football season with some type of pro-Bills comment. ........ During NBC's coverage of the 2000 US Presidential Election he calculated possible electoral college outcomes on a marker board on the air, accurately predicting in advance that the election would hinge on "Florida, Florida, Florida." Four years later, Russert would again accurately predict the final battleground of the presidential elections: "Ohio, Ohio, Ohio." ........ On MSNBC's show "Tucker," Russert predicted that the battleground states of the 2008 presidential election would be New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada working-class neighborhood in South Buffalo ....... , saying "If democrats can win three of those four, they can lose Ohio and Florida, and win the presidency." ...... growing up in a predominantly IrishOne concert that Tim booked was headlined by a then-unknown singer, Bruce Springsteen, who charged $2,500 for the concert appearance.
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Tim Russert, on The Uncomfortable Side of a Question ... the "Meet the Press" inquisitor -- the man who puts all those quotations up on the screen and presses politicians about contradictions and evasions -- found himself on the receiving end of a tough cross-examination. ....... a case study in the importance of controlling the microphone ....... His apparent strategy was to remain low-key, regardless of the provocation ...... Russert used the occasion to deliver a journalism lecture on the "chilling effect" of subpoenas ....... Russert, who always tries to get a rise out of his guests, gave the attorney precious little to work with.

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