Texas Debate Watch: Another Story In Indignity?

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I am Al Pacino. Elizabeth Caputo is Meryl Streep. She is top political talent. So am I. She could be president, I am going to win the Nobel Peace Prize. I am also going to list my company on Nasdaq.

Granted there is this thing called feeling uncomfortable, but I did not think she was uncomfortable at the last event I saw her which, by the way, was not a DL21C event. Neither of us had to be there. Resolved, the uncomfortable thing is over.

You always have to be careful about Jewish people. You don't want to end up facing the question, so what up, you don't like Jewish people? But no one is going to out Third World me, I don't care if you are Jewish or what.

I still officially don't know if this Berger dude is Jewish, although I have two strong reasons to believe he is. One, there is that er. Two, he grew a beard over the Holidays like my man Friday Adam who is also Jewish. This guy works for a top name in Congress, Charlie Rangel. So he has to be technically competent. He is not exactly Rudy Shenk, who was Obama 08's New York state director. But he belongs in that camp of people who acquire technical knowledge on the details, not my personal specialty. He has his skill set, something I will never acquire.

Jesus was a Jew. Buddha was a Madhesi. We Madhesis have shut down all of Nepal's south for the ninth day in a row now. We are fighting for liberation. Berger and I might have more common ground than he realizes. What's up with these dudes like Jesus and Buddha? They come and go, and their peoples end up bearing the brunt for centuries.

So I have decided to show up for this DL21C event, the Texas debate watch party. The best that could happen is Elizabeth and I could end up having our first ever conversation. The worst that could happen is I could get kicked out third time in a row. At least I might then know never to show up again, since third time is the charm.

I show up early, like perhaps 7:25. If I get kicked out, I take a cab to the Obama debate watch party 30 streets down. I might take a cab. I think I am going to carry a hundred dollar bill if only to fluster the cab driver.

I am not much of a cab guy. I am a train guy. The subway is the most New York City thing about New York City. Trains are better and cheaper. But today I am going to be a cab guy if I have to be.

What the heck.

Thursday, February 21
7:30 pm
DL21C Texas Debate Watch Party! (This is an open event. Anyone can join and invite others to join.)
Connolly's Pub
121 W. 45th Street (between Sixth and Seventh Avenues)
(Ten-gallon hats, cowboy boots and yellow roses optional...)

Let's make some noise for Barack!
Thursday, February 21, 2008
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Village Pourhouse
64 3rd Ave
New York, NY
Please join Generation Obama, Young Lawyers for Obama, and ObamaNYC for the Texas CNN and Univision Debate at the Village Poorhouse.
This debate could be huge for Barack and OUR movement, so let's celebrate together!
Village Pourhouse
3rd Ave and 12th St.
**Drink Specials all night**

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