Message To Elizabeth Caputo: SOS Call

The peace process in Nepal is right now on very thin ice. This is the worst it has been since it started since the decade old civil war came to a halt. The Maoists have now said they will revive their parallel governments in the districts. What used to be called the royal army has said it will come out of the barracks. There are more than a dozen armed groups already active in the Terai, the southern plains, my part of the country, that was mostly okay during the civil war, but now will bear the major brunt should civil war break out again. The prime minister and his ruling clique are too status quoist, unimaginative, largely incompetent. They are adding fuel to the fire. All sorts of ethnic groups that have sprouted add to the complexity of the picture.

When a civil war starts, it takes a life of its own. Nepal could become worse than Sri Lanka if it were to fall off the cliff. The best time to act is before it all starts, like now. And it is political work. I am in a good position to plug back in and make some moves.

Otherwise this downturn could cost tens of thousands of lives and years of time before it peters out again. The last round cost 13,000 lives lost to warfare, twice that many lost to suicide, 10 years of time, and that is not even mentioning the damage to the economy.

But if things turn for the better and work out, Nepal not Iraq becomes the model for how to spread democracy in the world. Both countries have 27 million people each.

You are in a position to help. I need some help. This is a SOS call. Please give me our first ever conversation. Please come to the Planned Parenthood event on February 11 and do so. I would greatly appreciate that.

February 11, 6 PM
Planned Parenthood of New York City
26 Bleecker St.
New York, NY

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Barack Is Lou, I Am Madhesi

Barack draws his African heritage from the Lou in Kenya. I knew that from his autobiography. What I did not know until the recent violence in Kenya is the Lou in Kenya are like the Madhesi in Nepal, the lowlanders who have been marginalized by the highlanders who control the politics and the economy. And now when it looked like a Lou got himself elected president, the highlanders' election commission went ahead and messed things up, risking the ensuing violence.

So the goal for someone like me is not just to make sure there is no second round to the civil war in Nepal, and I do not mean to sound alarmist at all, but the goal also is to help the Madhesi achive equality through nonviolent political action.

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