Gender Talk: Coming At It From The Future

Sexism Bothers Me Directly

If you think about it, it is kind of weird that Hillary had to make the baking cookies comment in 1992. It makes no sense that women had to struggle to have careers. Careers make economy sense for the larger economy. Careers make money sense for the family. Careers make happiness sense for the individual.

Women do 60% of the work on the farm in a country like Nepal, but they have been deprived of power. Poverty complicates an already supremely sexist situation.

Often time we settle for incrementalism. We look at the weigh of the past as to how things were much worse than they are today. That time travel is supposed to justify the sorry state we are in today. Women still are nowhere close to parity.

The equal pay might feel like it is a nuanced issue. But domestic violence is concrete, and the two are related.

Only a few decades back most women were expected to stay home and "bake cookies" and rear children - all wonderful things to do - while men out there and made asses of themselves at their jobs.

But most college graduates today are women. There will come a tipping point. It will be like when a lake freezes. It is 35 degrees and men are still chugging down their beers. 34, fine. And then, boom, it is 33, and the lake freezes.

Scientific progressivism says you work to go up the political consciousness level. If you go high enough, you don't see gender as an issue for women, let them deal with it. You see it as a progressive issue. You are into it as a progressive, regardless of gender. You are not in it to do women a favor or anything like that. Ultimately you are just trying to get their votes. The act of voting is sacred to a progressive.

You come at it from the future. You model behavior. What will a nonsexist workplace look like? What will a nonsexist relationship look like? How do you curb gender violence like Giuliani went after crime in NYC? How do you end the global trafficking of women? Now that one will be in the same league as Lincoln ending slavery.

Overall I am optimistic that progress will be made. I am just a little impatient that progress will not come as fast as desired. So you try and do things to speed things up.

I must admit there is a certain selfishness to my take on gender. I feel like the rising tide will lift all boats. Women are just so large in number. There is no telling how much social progress they can make together. Gays, and ethnic and racial minorities can expect to ride the rising tide. Women are best positioned to lead of all the political - as opposed to numerical - minorities.

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For Clintons, a Time to Find Truest Friends New York Times “She is a delightful young woman who loves her mother very much,” Mrs. Larson said. “She was really pushing me. She kept asking me why I was doing this. She just kept asking, ‘Why? Why?’ ” ..... nearly two decades building relationships with a generation of Democrats ..... a lot of Clinton fatigue in the party and in the country today ...... “These are people that the Clintons gave an opportunity to serve,” said Mr. Panetta, speaking generally. “They helped give them the titles they now have, and made them a lot of money. I think the Clintons probably feel they are owed something.” ....... Reich, who had said he would not formally endorse Mr. Obama out of “loyalty” to Mrs. Clinton, a friend for over four decades whom he actually went out on a date with in their college days. ..... while Mr. Clinton was a great leader, “I don’t want my daughter near him.” ...... “if Hillary’s campaign can’t control Bill, whether Hillary’s White House could.” ..... people around the Clintons practiced “gutter” politics and that they felt entitled to the presidency ....... “The relationship has become very strained,” Mr. Richardson understated in an interview. ....... former supporters like Mrs. Larson, people who revered the Clintons in the 1990s and still regard them highly ...... “There was something about Senator Obama that I found really fresh and exciting,” she said. “I like how positive he has been.” She also spoke of “the destructive negativity” of the Clinton campaign. ...... “I just told her it was something I had to do.”
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Clinton hoping to capitalize on slim lead in Pennsylvania
Chicago Tribune "Hillary is my age group. She's a woman. She's me. She's my goals. She's my aspirations. She's a goal that I could attain." ..... no-win criticism for a woman. ...... We women are strong. We are focused. .... "I want to change them. I don't want to become them."
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जनजाति महासंघ गठन Kantipur
कपिलवस्तुमा पुरानै अनुहार खासै संगठनात्मक आधार खडा नभएका मधेसवादी दलको पक्षमा यहा“ जनमत प्रकट भएको छ ....... भर्खरै उदाएकार् इश्वर दयाल मिश्रा तथा २५ वर्षा सम्भवतः सबैभन्दा कान्छा संविधानसभा सदस्य अभिषेकप्रताप शाहको विजय ........ कपिलवस्तु घटनाबाट बढी प्रभावित क्षेत्रं ५ को प्रतिस्पर्धामा अन्तरिम संसदमा विधायकमा मनोनित भए पनि पदत्याग गरी मधेस आन्दोलनका पक्षमा खडा भएका युवा अभिषेकप्रताप शाह विजयी भए । उनले वयोवृद्ध ठूलोबाबु कांग्रेसका डा. रुद्रप्रताप शाहलाई पराजित गरे ।
सुनसरी-२ मा एमाले र महोत्तरी-२ मा फोरम सुनसरीमा मधेसी जनअधिकार फोरमले ३, एमाले २ र माओवादीले एक स्थान ...... यसअघिका संसदीय निर्वाचनमा ८० प्रतिशत परिणाम आफ्नो पक्षमा पार्दै आएको कांग्रेसले यसपाला सुनसरी-१, ५ र ६ मा तेस्रो स्थान र २ मा पा“चौं स्थानमा चित्त बुझाउनुपर्‍यो
'मधेसलाई अलग राखी देश चलाउन सकिन्न' लाहान, वैशाख ४ - मधेसी जनअधिकार फोरमका संयोजक उपेन्द्र यादवले नेपालको राजनीतिबाट फोरमलाई अलग राखी कसैले देश चलाउन चाहेमा त्यो दिवा स्वप्न मात्र हुने बताएका छन् । ...... 'संविधान निर्माण गर्दा मधेसको एजेन्डालाई सन्तुलन कायम गरी अगाडि बढ्नु फोरमको उद्देश्य हो ।' ...... सरकारस“ग भएको स्वायत्त मधेस एक प्रदेशसम्बन्धी सम्झौतालाई कायम गर्न फोरम अडिग रहेको ...... 'सुजाता हार्नु दुःखको कुरो हो, तर उहा“ प्रधानमन्त्रीपुत्री भएर हार्नुभएको छ ।' ...... यादवले तत्काल फोरमले माओवादीस“ग मिलेर सरकार बनाउने सोच नराखेको पनि बताए ....... यादवले बुधबारै लाहानको सहिदचोकमा गई मधेस आन्दोलनका क्रममा सहिद हुनेहरूप्रति श्रद्धाञ्जलि अर्पण गर्दै मधेसलाई एक राज्य एक स्वायत्त प्रदेश बनाउन फोरम कटिबद्ध रहन ...... सिरहा-१ बाट विजयी फोरम उम्मेदवार लक्ष्मण मेहता
अबको मधेस राजनीति मधेसवादी दलहरू मुख्यतः मधेसी जनअधिकार फोरमले सम्मानजनक स्थान हासिल गरेको छ ..... कांग्रेस र एमालेले सारा देशभरि पाएको स्थानको हाराहारीमा मधेसी जन अधिकार फोरम पुग्नु भनेको जनताको भरपुर र्समर्थन पाउनु हो ..... उपेन्द्र यादवमा कम्युनिस्ट राजनीतिको रङ छ भने विजय गच्छेदार समूहको कांग्रेसी पृष्ठभूमि छ । ...... अझै पनि रमेश महतो र गौरमा मारिएका माओवादी र्समर्थकका परिवारहरूको घाउ ताजा नै छ । ...... तर्राईमा कांग्रेस र एमालले भोगेको हार ...... सुशील कोइराला र्सवदेव ओझास“ग माधव नेपाल रौतहटमा देवेन्द्र पटेलस“ग सुजाता कोइराला उपेन्द्र यादवस“ग झापामा कृष्ण सिटौला पर्ूण्ाप्रसाद राजवंशीस“ग त्यस्तै मोरङमा शेखर कोइराला विजयकुमार गच्छादारस“ग महेश आचार्य भीमलाल चौधरीस“ग पारजित हुनु ....... प्रचण्डजीले जनयुद्धको बेलामा लाल तर्राईमा लेख्नुभएको लेखमा मधेस उपनिवेश हो र यसको स्वायत्तका लागि संर्घष्ा अपरिहार्य छ भन्ने अभिव्यक्तिलाई अब आफैं सत्तामा पुगेपछि कति इमान्दारिताका साथ पूरा गर्नुहुन्छ भन्ने प्रश्नको उत्तर भविष्यले नै दिनेछ । ...... काठमाडँैंका हरेक गल्लीमा "गर्व से कहु हम मधेसी छी" भन्ने नारा लेख्न मातृकाले ठूलै कसरत र साहस देखाएका हुन् । ........ माओवादी र मधेसी जनअधिकार फोरम अन्ततः सत्ताको नजिक पुगेकोे छ ...... संघीयताको सवाल सबैभन्दा सशक्त ढंगले मधेसले उठाएको हो ...... कञ्चनपुरदेखि झापासम्म एक स्वायत्त क्षेत्र स्थापित हुनुपर्ने धारण ...... माओवादीबाहेक अन्य दलले स्पष्ट खाका दिन सकेका छैनन् ....... संघीयतामा सबैभन्दा बढी मधेस बिर्ता कांग्रेसलेनै गुमाउने कुराको संकेत संविधानसभा चुनावको परिणामले देखाइसक्यो

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