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Donald Ratass Trump, And So, I Was Born In India

Donald Trump: Racist Bitch Motherfucker, Jackass, Punk
Donald Jackass Trump

Donald Trump came out accusing Barack Obama of not having a birth certificate, the implication being if he was not born in America then that would make him a lesser person. The racism part is that he has never asked that of any white politician. No motherfucking white politician in America ever had to show his birth certificate.

Another ball racist bastards like Donald Trump play with is they will tell you Barack Obama is a Muslim. The thing is, what if he were? Barack Obama has been a Christian, always has been. But he does have Muslim ancestry. Where do you think his middle name comes from? His grandmother was in Saudi Arabia a few months back on a pilgrimage, and she said she hoped some day Barack Obama would convert to Islam. Those are active ties, yo.

I think it is amazing that Barack Obama has cross cultural heritages.

But motherfuckers like Donald Trump will have it otherwise.

Well, asshole, I am not…

Donald Trump: Racist Bitch Motherfucker, Jackass, Punk

The Guardian: Muammar Gaddafi's Tent Finds Home On Donald Trump's Estate: Muammar Gaddafi pitched his tent on an estate belonging to Donald Trump in suburban New York yesterday ..... The Libyan leader is scheduled to attend the UN general assembly this week. He had been struggling to find a plot to accommodate the large Bedouin tent he takes with him when travelling abroad. ...... Workers were seen yesterday erecting a tent and satellites in the glamorous neighbourhood of Bedford on an estate owned by Trump. Local officials tried to stop them, saying it was illegal to build a temporary residence without a permit. An ABC News helicopter filmed a large tent on the 113-acre Seven Springs estate, with rugs and patterned wall hangings. Green and yellow fabric lined the walls in a pattern dotted with images of small brown camels, according to a local newspaper website image. ..... Doors all over New York have been slammed in the colonel's face, but Trump says he has rented part…

I Am Going To Act Like This Is 2007

Image via WikipediaI am not going to act like my guy is in the White House. I am going to act like he is a fresh faced candidate, and this is 2007 all over again. I think that is the best angle to come from to help with his re-election.

Obama 2012 Is On

My political enemies deprived me of my well deserved victory parties in June 2008 and November 2008, and Inauguration 2009 pretty much passed me by. What I am really angry about is they deprived me of the Iran action of 2009. That street action was custom made for me.

2009 and 2010 were years I should have been by Barack's side, virtually speaking, but I was not. I was too engrossed picking up the pieces from the hit I took in 2008. I'd have liked to stay involved. For me it is about power. It is not about elections. There is joy in governing.

You could argue Barack's first two years belonged to Bush. And so I should not complain too much. He spent two full years cleaning up the house.

His re-election is pretty much reas…

Donald Jackass Trump

Is this guy seeking the Republican Party nomination? That would make a lot of sense for a guy who hosted Gaddafi on his property the last time that dictator was in town.

I mean, birth certificate? Give me a break. If this guy is trying to sound racist, he is calling the wrong town hometown. New York City is Barack Obama country. Donald Trump gets to start with that fact.

Obama 08: NYC Video: 10 Hours

The Tea Party racism leads to the shooting in Arizona, to a wipe out of the Tea Party in 2012. Donald Trump is getting his signals in all the wrong places.

Inciting Violence: Beyond Wrong, It Is Criminal

This dude is the Zhirinovsky of America politics maybe, or at least he is trying to be. Every country deserves a jackass, I suppose.

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The US Military Budget Needs To Come Down To 100 Billion From 600

Image via WikipediaI Fixed The Budget, You Can Too
The Washington Post: The Politics And Economics Of A Falling Dollar: in 1944 when Britain’s John Maynard Keynes and the United States’s Harry Dexter White conjured up the financial architecture for the global economy that served the world rather well from the end of World War II through the early 1980s. Since then, its shortcomings have been revealed by a series of financial crises that have become more severe and more frequent, with the fixes for one planting the seeds for the next ..... a new and better architecture has proven elusive ..... The dollar is used worldwide as the agreed-upon unit of exchange by producers and traders to price oil, minerals and other commodities. Ditto illicit dealers in drugs, weapons and other contraband....... Because it is the currency most easily exchanged, the dollar is on one side or the other of 85 percent of the transactions on global currency exchanges. When Indians buy Chilean wine, the transa…

Drugs And Guns

America exports guns across the world. The civil wars and drug wars in the furthest corners of the world are fueled by guns made by American companies. And it is considered legitimate. There are legitimate gun lobbies. There are right to lifestyle people who manage to connect the dots between deer hunting with a rifle and automatic weapons designed to mow down people in great numbers. You take one guy away, you take all guns away. I am all for fierce, rugged individualism. That is one big reason I like America so much. But gun culture is downright primitive.

America exports guns. America imports drugs. And we end up with a culture of violence globally. The permeation and easy availability of guns take crimes to whole new levels. They help further institutionalize sex slavery. They fuel civil wars. There is mayhem.

Just like the pro life, pro choice debate is a global debate, the gun debate is a global debate. The drug debate is a global debate.

I think there is also an underlying …

Another One Bites The Dust

Image via WikipediaWall Street Journal: Yemen's Saleh Accepts Deal to Step Down: Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has accepted a political deal brokered by neighboring Arab countries that would have him step down from power after 30 days in exchange for immunity for himself and his close relatives, according to a presidential aide. The apparent softening of the longtime ruler's recalcitrant stance that he would remain in power until the end of his term in 2013 comes after a burst of arm-twisting and backroom diplomacy by Yemen's close allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

(via Pantless Progressive)

Saudis Going Into Bahrain Like Saddam Going Into Kuwait
To Zimbabwe Through Ivory Coast
A Rwanda Was Prevented
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Saudis Going Into Bahrain Like Saddam Going Into Kuwait

Image via WikipediaJust because the autocratic regime in Bahrain extended an invitation does not mean the move was legitimate. This Arab wave of democracy does not end with the nefarious regime in Iran ending up with much more regional power. This wave will sweep away the Iranian mullahs from power. That has to be the outcome we have to work towards.

The Saudi king has to go. The mullahs in Iran have to go.

Gaddafi tried to tell the world it was the Al Qaeda playing tricks on him in Benghazi. Should we have believed him? There were people who said if you kick out Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood, a party of Islamists, will take over that important country?

And now there are people who are thinking in terms of a scenario where the Saudi king is still in power a few months from now, and the mullahs are still in power in Iran several months from now.

The whole idea is to sweep them from power. The whole idea is to start afresh. This is not a Shia Sunni fight like the Saudi royals are …

DL21C: Enemy Organization

DL21C is guilty of a crime. It is guilty as an organization.

DL21C's best option is to dismantle itself. Or I am going to wipe that organization off the face of this city. It is just that I am in no hurry to do it. That is the fun part of it for me. That I am in no hurry to do it.

The Obama volunteers in New York City get to pick between me and DL21C. If they pick DL21C, I will understand. I am just one person. DL21C is an entire organization.

The democratic primary of 2008 ends for me after I have personally wiped out DL21C from the face of this city. I don't need any help.

If any DL21C person ends up with any kind of a leadership position with Obama 2012, I am boycotting all Obama 2012 events in Manhattan.

So help me God.

Larry Shinn

Larry Shinn is easily, easily, easily the most disgusting human being I have ever had to meet in person.

Travel does not cure prejudice. This motherfucker is proof. He will tell you he has been to India.

You don't participate in racist demonization and get away with it.

This motherfucking priest is not going to have a legacy. When he dies he is going to die knowing he toiled his entire life for nothing.

He does not deserve a legacy. He is not going to have one.

That is his punishment. He is paying.

Obama On The Deficit


Ai Weiwei


To Zimbabwe Through Ivory Coast

Image via WikipediaNew York Times: U.N. and France Strike Leader’s Forces in Ivory Coast: The United Nations and France went on the offensive Monday against Ivory Coast’s strongman, Laurent Gbagbo, striking his forces in a significant ratcheting-up of the months-long campaign to force him to cede power. ..... France, which has over 1,500 troops stationed in the former colony, announced that it would carry out attacks on Mr. Gbagbo’s military hardware at the request of the United Nations, joining an operation “aimed at neutralizing heavy weapons that are used against the civilian population and United Nations personnel in Abidjan,” a statement from the French presidency said..... Mig-24 helicopters had been deployed against Gbagbo military bases to “render harmless” the mortar-launchers “that are firing” on the United Nations headquarters in Abidjan and on “the civilian population.” ..... Mr. Gbagbo has refused to step down after losing an election last November to Alassane Ouattara, w…

Obama 2012 Is On

New York City
Obama 08: NYC Video: 10 Hours

Today is the official launch of Obama 2012. I am in because I was never out.

Barack almost took Brooklyn in February 2008. The summer before I made a promise to Michelle in person: "You give us Iowa, we will give you New York, we will make it quick and painless for Hillary." I tried hard to deliver. Things got so bad Congressman Weiner urged Hillary to make an appearance in Brooklyn before the primary, and she did. Minus that I think we had it.

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Time For Nonviolent Protests In Libya

Image via WikipediaA Rwanda Was Prevented

The mass murder imminent in Benghazi was prevented. And the UN continues to demand of Gaddafi that he not unleash animal brutality on peacefully protesting Libyans. Armed rebels in Libya have done a swift job of retaking all the territory they had lost.

But now is time for some shift in strategy. Instead of relying solely on military advances, the rebels have to consolidate. They have to organize massive peaceful demonstrations against Gaddafi in all towns and cities they control. The people of Libya have to come out into the streets in large numbers.

The idea is to inspire the people in Tripoli to also come out into the streets. When they first came out, Gaddafi basically declared war on them. And they went into hiding. Now they have to muster the strength all over again. They need to come out all over again. This time if Gaddafi performs a repeat the UN sanctioned powers have to do in Tripoli what they did in Benghazi. Bomb all government …

A Rwanda Was Prevented

Image via WikipediaGaddafi might or might not go. Libya might or might not become democracy. But what has already happened is a Rwanda got prevented. If Gaddafi had moved into Benghazi like he threatened, like he was about to, we had a bloodbath on our hands, a massacre. That got prevented. That is a major humanitarian achievement. And the intervening powers have to be proud. The UN has to be proud.

No, America did not declare war on Libya. This was no invasion. This was police action to prevent a major crime: mass murder.

Mission accomplished.

But there is work to do. Gaddafi still has to be ousted. Democracy still has to see the light of day in Libya. That is for the people of Libya to do.

And now might be time to bring about a change in strategy. Now nonviolence has to be emphasized.

Ultimately It Is About Iran, Because That Is Where It All Started
Syria's Turn
The Anatomy Of Revolutions For Democracy
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