DL21C: Enemy Organization

DL21C is guilty of a crime. It is guilty as an organization.

DL21C's best option is to dismantle itself. Or I am going to wipe that organization off the face of this city. It is just that I am in no hurry to do it. That is the fun part of it for me. That I am in no hurry to do it.

The Obama volunteers in New York City get to pick between me and DL21C. If they pick DL21C, I will understand. I am just one person. DL21C is an entire organization.

The democratic primary of 2008 ends for me after I have personally wiped out DL21C from the face of this city. I don't need any help.

If any DL21C person ends up with any kind of a leadership position with Obama 2012, I am boycotting all Obama 2012 events in Manhattan.

So help me God.
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