Obama 2012 Is On

New York City
Obama 08: NYC Video: 10 Hours

Today is the official launch of Obama 2012. I am in because I was never out.

Barack almost took Brooklyn in February 2008. The summer before I made a promise to Michelle in person: "You give us Iowa, we will give you New York, we will make it quick and painless for Hillary." I tried hard to deliver. Things got so bad Congressman Weiner urged Hillary to make an appearance in Brooklyn before the primary, and she did. Minus that I think we had it.

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But first and foremost for me Obama 2012 is about 2011. I believe 2011 just might end up the biggest year in world history for democracy. But the arc does not bend on its own like Barack never tired of quoting MLK on the 2008 trail. We have to make it happen. And I want to play my part. Democracy has to sweep the Arab world, and Africa, and China and Russia.

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