A Rwanda Was Prevented

Location of Benghazi within Libya.Image via WikipediaGaddafi might or might not go. Libya might or might not become democracy. But what has already happened is a Rwanda got prevented. If Gaddafi had moved into Benghazi like he threatened, like he was about to, we had a bloodbath on our hands, a massacre. That got prevented. That is a major humanitarian achievement. And the intervening powers have to be proud. The UN has to be proud.

No, America did not declare war on Libya. This was no invasion. This was police action to prevent a major crime: mass murder.

Mission accomplished.

But there is work to do. Gaddafi still has to be ousted. Democracy still has to see the light of day in Libya. That is for the people of Libya to do.

And now might be time to bring about a change in strategy. Now nonviolence has to be emphasized.

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