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The Thing About Racist Comments

Verbal Martial Arts

I am allergic to racist comments like some people are allergic to pollen grains. When someone makes a racist comment, that is like saying they have a sick heart, mind, soul. They inform you of the value system of the people they bond with. More often than not racism is a tool of power. It is not true the ignorant are the most racist. And there you want to be thinking Bruce Lee.

Race, A Few Different Angles
The Art Of War, Bruce Lee

When someone makes a deliberate racist comment - they are not about to apologize, they are not about to talk about it - that signifies mental structure on their part. You avoid them, or you fight them, depending on if they are worth your time, or worth a fight. Only an equal and opposite reaction will be able to drive any sense into them. It is verbal martial arts. The racism is tactical. Glass walls and ceilings are made up of words. And they are fought with words.

Time Frame Analysis

You localize the comment in space and time for the dialogu…

Cloud, Pyramid, Glass

The New York City progressive circles are full of organizations that are full of people that are never going to run for public office. That is such a downer. That is why I greatly value having gotten to know Hakeem Jeffries. The guy is actually running for something.

And he is an enlightened black guy. He is not a clinical black guy who has managed to work the anger out of his system and has become vanilla. He takes offense. He is angry about a few things. But he is sophisticated. He approaches the racial grievances through a superior understanding of how the system works and delivers or not.

There are the political hobbyists, and there are the socializing type. And there are those who make racist comments. Sparks fly at the fault lines of the perceived glass walls and ceilings.

And there are white trash people in Manhattan - you are no millionaire, and you know it - who pass on racist comments as classist comments, as if classist comments are okay. Much is to do with where do you live, …

Hillary's Formula For 2006

August 16
Barack The Glass Walls, Ceilings, Smash 'Em
Three Pillars, Draft 2
Hillary 2008
Rahm Emanuel: Big Ideas For America
Can't Take Back Congress Without Strong On Defense

Anybody should be able to do better than the tax cut and spend conservatives in the midterm elections, why only Democrats?

Saving The American Dream Bold Ideas for America's Future
EDITOR'S NOTE by Peter Ross Range
SAVING THE AMERICAN DREAM by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. Tom Carper, and Gov. Tom Vilsack For the first time ever, we've had four straight years of rising productivity and falling incomes. Americans are earning less, while the costs of a middle-class life have soared: In the past five years, college costs are up 50 percent, health care 73 percent, and gasoline more than 100 percent. ...... Every American should have the opportunity and responsibility to go to college and earn a degree, and to get the l…

Right Wingers In Power In Israel And America

The Israeli Offensive

You can draw parallels between the Nepali Maoist guerrillas and the Islamist militants to a degree. The Nepali Maoists started out with the goal of a communist republic. The Islamists think in terms of theocratic governments that have some resemblance to communist dictatorships in terms of how dogmatic they tend to be. Both suggested power flows through the barrel of a gun: violence is the political weapon of choice.

In Nepal's case there was no dearth of people who propagated that there was only a military solution to the Maoist insurgency. (Robert Kaplan Is An American Cowboy) But finally it is the dogged sticking to a political solution that has been working in Nepal. Not only has it been working in terms of peace, but the Maoists who are moving decidedly towards peace have also been the most socially progressive of forces. Attempts to mainstream them politically has made it possible for hitherto suppressed groups to come out and speak up for their rights.