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Do I Know Rajiv Shah?

I came across this on the New York Times page earlier today, and the face and the name made me think. This face looks familiar. Is this that guy I met in Philly in summer 1999? No, can't be. (Video: 10 Minutes With Rajiv Shah) I watched the nine video clips. That confirmed it. No, I have not met the guy, although he does remind me of someone I met over a decade ago. That put the matter to rest.

After a nap, the name kept coming back at me. So I told myself, why don't you just google up the guy? That will put matters to rest. I googled up his name. And that did put matters to rest. I have met the guy. Rajiv Shah is the Rajiv Shah I met back in 1999. I was in Philly doing my summer stint with that was trying to be the premier South Asian online community. I found myself at his apartment for a gathering of I believe it was called IAPAC, Indian American Political Awareness Committee. I might have mangled the name right now. He was leading the organization. So I met h…

Obama's Got Momentum: He Could Defy History In November

Barack Obama has momentum. The guy has wind behind his back. Having turned the Great Recession into an upswing, the guy is on his way to his original agenda. History will tell you this guy is supposed to suffer losses in November. Midterm elections are not for presidents. But this guy has a track record of defying history. Black people were not supposed to be president. He became one. Now he is on track to defy history again and do well in November. Passing health care will cement his grip on Congress so he can go on to do bigger and better things.

If this guy can cure the Great Recession, if this guy can deliver Universal Health, I am going to argue this guy could even deliver Peace In The Middle East. Is there an upper limit to how many Nobel Peace Prizes any one individual can get? I am wondering.

This guy has confounded me since I got to know of him. His successes seem so effortless. I guess he is extraordinarily charming. He keeps his cool. He stays positive. He has challenged…

The Obama FDR Parallels

Image via Wikipedia "The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who fears a lost decade, said in a lecture at the London School of Economics last summer that he has “no idea” how the economy could quickly return to strong, sustainable growth."FDR's was the Great Depression. We are calling ours the Great Recession. FDR gave us Social Security, Obama is going to give Universal Health Care. The recession is over. The recession is not over. You love me, you love me not.

I think there are obvious parallels between the Great Depression and what we are going through right now, but it is also important to realize we are treading new territory.

(1) The Bailout

That was necessary. It is interesting that many of the banks have already paid back most of the money. I am on record at this blog saying that is what will happen, although I did not see it happening this fast. But they have not paid back all the money, so.

The bailout was putting the fire out. Without the bailout it would n…

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