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Samuel Jackson: Wake The Fuck Up


Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart

It Is About The House, Not The White House

I never doubted Barack Obama would win re-election. For me, all along, it has been about the House, and not the White House. Barack Obama's goal in November is to win back the House. That is what this is about.

Why the House Matters
Mitt Romney has truly become his own worst enemy .... The US Senate looks poised to stay in Democratic control because of a crop of unusually strong Democratic challengers. ..... Democrats have a 74% chance of taking back the House. .... Republicans who know that they could lose control of all branches of government ..... how the last two years have played out. Jobs Bill -- no votes in the House. Affordable Care Act -- the House voted 33 times to repeal ..... While the public views inefficacy in Congress with disdain, the Republican leadership sees it as an accomplishment .... Electing President Obama and defending a Democratically controlled Senate is no small feat, but to truly move this country forward we have to do more. ..... We need 25 seats to ta…

Response To Sam Basile


John Liu And Being Asian American

John Liu was in the lead. Then the Chinese soldier in the US Army succumbed to racism, committed suicide. John Liu organized protest events, made some noise. And he got targeted. The FBI created a slight stink around him and drove down his poll numbers. It was a deliberate institutional attack. It was racist.

Goes on to show it is harder being an Asian American in this city than it is to be a gay woman who is friends with a Mayor who is not from her party, or a white guy married to a black woman, or a black guy who ran for Mayor and lost.

But the Asian American is within striking distance of getting the second most powerful political office in the country. It can still happen. Although I don't see me getting too involved personally. I have yet to attend an Obama event this year. And I was Barack Obama's first full time volunteer in all of New York City. I expect to be too busy with my work to do much volunteering in 2013.

But it is not like I will not be watching. John Liu&#…

Laloo And Mayawati Should Fill In

Laloo Yadav should be brought back as Railway Minister. That is easy math for the Congress.

Neither are doing well in their respective states. They might like the idea of getting into power at the center.

Here's How The Numbers Game Plays Out In Parliament
Mamata Withdraws Support

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping 习近平 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Is this guy the Chinese Gorbachev?

The succession process in China is kind of like General Electric's.

This "disapperance" by Xi I see as a good sign for someone who wishes major political reforms in China. If Xi were the same old, same old, the transition would not be dramatic. He has already unruffled feathers, it seems like. That is a good sign. But I'd not read too much into it.

China as an economy is at a point where unless it opens up politically, unless it becomes more welcoming of critical thought, it can not make its next big leap. A slowing Chinese economy necessarily asks for political reform.

New Chinese Communist Leader May Be Closet Reformist
there are signs that when he takes the helm of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) this fall he may push for political and economic reform in the country–possibly with some vigor..... The problems include failing to make adjustments to the economic structure, and not maki…

Just Watched Barack Obama Live

Where else but at

This guy is made of steel.

Bill Clinton

I want to know what this guy eats. He makes vegetarianism look appealing.

Nitish Kumar, Broadband And Clean Energy

English: Nitish Kumar (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Besides broadband (Could Nitish Kumar Do Broadband?), another thing the Chief Minister has to be cognizant of to compete globally is clean energy.

Bihar is lucky to be right south of Nepal, a country second only to Brazil when it comes to hydroelectric potential. Bringing goodwill to Nepal India relations is as important, as critical to bringing goodwill to India Pakistan relations. That might be a surprising thing to say because, officially speaking, India is on better terms with Nepal than with any other country in the world. But it is a false peace and a false sense of goodwill. There is much mistrust, and there is very little meaningful cooperation.

There is a need to build a South Asian common power grid, and to harness Nepal's hydro potential so as to meet South Asia's electricity needs, and to bring about flood control in Bihar. Floods during monsoon season should be history.

Nitish Kumar's JD(U) Has National Appeal