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The Three Pillars

Democracy: Towards The Ideal Of One Person One Vote, In America, All Over The World, And Also As A Principle In International Relations. (a) If you get rid of the electoral college idiocy, if you seriously do campaign finance reform, if you can get major voter registrations drives, if you can get out the vote, if you can fight modern day attempts at disenfranchisements, if you can turn DC into a state. If you can run grassroots campaigns. If you can wisely and transparently spend the big money raised from many small contributors. Howard Dean did not lose in Iowa and New Hampshire. He lost right after. Someone who had raised more than 40 million dollars declared there was no money to go into the subsequent primaries! (b) It is only through a total global spread of democracy that the progressives can earn real gains. And that spread has to be non-violent for the most part. Indigenous movements that get global support. (c) Rule of law within nations, rule of law between nations. Market g…

Sister Blogs

I have written up a very long essay about the medical liability insurace crisis on my personal blog. It deals a lot with some local issues in Connecticut. I've received some feedback from people on Democracy Forum and I hope more of you will take the time to read and perhaps comment on.

When Web Hosting Is No Longer A Problem

We had the Dean Issues Forum that morphed into the Democracy Forum, and then the site came down. I think we had a wonderful thing going on, certainly a great group. I think we need to rescue that. What we had going on was not something cooked for just one election. It ought be an ongoing thing. And so I have taken the initiative to start this blog.

I am going to invite all members on the mailing list. And the hosts on specific issues might want to launch their own separate blogs, all of which would be linked to from this blog.

There. Web hosting problem taken care of. Invitations were sent out to the following:

"Aldon Hynes" "Bob Jacobson" "Arthur Smith" "Ben Ebenhack"
"Charlie Grantham" "Cheryl Fuller" "Chi Oji" "David Baker"
"David Brannan" "David Doty" "David Monroe"
"Gabe Wachob" "Hilary Sullivan" "Howie Mandel"
"James Neal" "Ja…