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Druk Libra, High Five

I am sure that is what they call Drinking Liberally in some language somewhere Justin Krebs, Katrina, Josh, David and Amanda and others are not aware of.

At the fundraiser (Drinking Liberally, 2nd Annual Fundraiser, Chinatown), it occurred to me for the first time that I am in the presence of greatness: this guy Justin Krebs is going to be Time magazine's one of the most influential people in America.

Over the past weeks I have thought, his first big money will be made when he gets a book offer, some publisher giving him an advance to write his story, and the story of his organization. Then what's next? Your own TV show? He could start on that one right away: a Living Liberally videoblog.

Got to meet Justin's father for the first time. "Hi, I am Justin's father." I met the mother at the fundraiser. They must be a pretty liberal family, I am guessing.

I am more used to people trying to impress me by saying "Hi, I am a friend of Justin."

When Justin Krebs …

Reverend Michael Pfleger Is Out Of Line On Hillary

The promise of a Barack Obama presidency is not that white people have been ruling and now black people are going to take over, the promise is that any person born in this country can grow up and aspire to be president, black, white, man, woman, anyone. A Barack Obama presidency is going to be a milestone for blacks, but it is also going to be a milestone for whites. Racism is not healthy for either side.

It has been my personal experience in New York City that the vast majority of people who support Barack just so happen to be white. These are not self-flagellating whites, or whites who lack confidence, or guilty whites, or white people who hate white people. These white people, their motives are positive and about the future. They are not supporting Barack because he is black, but because he is the best candidate. He inspires. He promises a future that these white people want to relate to. And they are not supporting Barack as white people, or they would be hostile to me when I show …

Hillary's Bobby Kennedy Comment: Bitter Heart, Bad Taste

Why Is There Secret Service Protection For White Male Presidents?

The Clintons should not think that they are going to force Barack to put Hillary on the ticket. I think Barack should put a woman on the ticket, but that woman need not be Hillary. Kathleen Sebelius would do just fine. (Running Mate) She might actually do better. She will bring a freshness to the scene that Hillary can't. There is a Clinton fatigue going on across the country.

Barack's first term is not going to be Bill Clinton's third term. Bill Clinton is an amazing political talent, but Barack is more amazing. (Bill Clinton In Top 10, Barack Obama In Top 5)

Hillary did the best she could. If this bitterness is about not having been able to advance the cause of gender, she needs to realize that preparing to be running mate would be the best thing to do on gender. Instead Hillary sounds like those West Virginia and Kentucky whites who votes against Barack in droves. Oh no a black guy is about to go to the Whit…

Bobby For McCain's VP?

Don't accuse me of starting the rumors, but now Bobby is in contention to be McCain's running mate: Bobby Jindal For President Of The United States 2016. It is entirely possible he will be keynote speaker instead of running mate, but running mate is a big possibility. I think it will be good for the country if Bobby gets to be on the ticket. I take ethnic pride in him, but he is so much of a social conservative, he is scary. He is "100%" opposed to abortion, he is totally opposed to the very idea of gay marriage, he is for teaching intelligent design in schools, he is against gun control. A lot of Indians in the diaspora are pissed off enough that he converted to Catholicism - he was born a Hindu - and I am not one of them. I think he is an amazing political talent, but his social conservatism is hard on me. I can't bring myself to swallow. I am primarily a progressive, a Democrat for social reasons. On the economics the wisdom fluctuates, and sometimes the Repub…