Liberal Guy Justin Krebs Is A Poet

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I showed up last night at Rudy's to express solidarity. I had my button from home: first time I did not forget to forget.

You are a Liberal, if you be sipping. A pitcher and a half, I puked on the train, missed my stop, then missed the train back at an outdoors stop, finally made it. Puke was all over the shoes, I saw in the morning. Puke was on my pants. You go to Drinking Liberally and party like a rock star.

I have met Justin Krebs a few times. I have a feeling he might be a Liberal.

By the way, there is a wonderful Liberal event on Saturday. Chinatown is where the action is. I am going. $100.
We're kicking off the festivities on May 10th in New York City with our 2nd Annual Living Liberally Celebration & Fundraiser. Last year's event raised the revenue that hired our first fulltime staff enabling us to increase our reach, expand the Eating, Screening, Laughing, Reading, Crafting Liberally networks, grow our online presence and become a better partner to the progressive movement.
Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Media Has a Thing for Gray-Haired Men

The media ignores Obama's statements,
on the under-reported Pentagon pundit scandal,
but obsesses on every word from Reverend Wright.

The press passes over Clinton's comments
on the defeat of the Senate Fair Pay bill
but tracks each off-note of husband Bill.

And while McCain proposes bad health policy,
remarks that women don't need equal pay rights
& breaks his own campaign finance promises,
fawning fanboy journalists give him a free ride.

What's the obsession with these three?
Rev Wright...Bill Clinton...John McCain...

The media just has a thing for gray-haired men.

Sorry Barack & Hillary...we can't hear you
over all the old guys in the way.
...Just leave politics to Daddy for now.

Share a toast, a vent, a prediction & a night
with lefties of all age, gender & hair color
at your local progressive social club.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taking the "50-State Strategy" Really Literally

In February, states split, votes were close
& "Super Tuesday" turned out to be
"Just Another Tuesday."

In March, we were promised that Texas
would be someone's "last stand" at the Alamo,
but in the end, the night didn't produce a Lone Star.

And this week, the Primary in the Keystone State
ended up more of a Secondary concern,
and was definitely not a keystone moment.

Howard Dean took over the Democrats
promising a 50-State Strategy...

Obama & Clinton are just taking him really literally.

Raise your primary issues while raising a glass
and be part of our own 50-Bar Strategy
by joining like-minded lefties for a libation
at your local progressive social club.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maybe the Media's Just Bored

TV "news" re-plays Jeremiah Wright's comments
more than General Petraeus's testimony...
which one's in charge of the war again?

The press wonders which of three candidates --
all with the wealth & status to run for Prez --
is most in touch with "the common person"...
but doesn't talk much about their plans
to solve the "common person's" housing crisis.

In the first debate in 7 weeks,
the moderators get around to Iraq
...only after important issues like lapel pins.

Maybe the media's run out of things to say,
maybe "issues" get in the way of their gossip,
...or maybe the media's just bored.

The media & pundits would get re-engaged
if only there were a corps of informed pros
who'd talk to them & the public about the race
in an exciting and intelligent way...if only...

Find informed excitement about the election
as you share ideas & share a few pints
at your local progressive social club.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

John McCain's No Charlton Heston

In Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston played a man
imprisoned by forces of theocracy, ignorance & fear.
In the 2008 election, John McCain plays a man
ignorantly courting theocrats & fear-mongers.

In Ben-Hur, Heston challenged
the rule of imperial occupation.
McCain wants to be an occupying empire.

Heston once led the Jews out of Egypt.
McCain wants to lead us all into Iran.

Not only would Heston's roles have
beaten McCain by chariot, drowned him in the Sea
and called him a damn dirty ape for good measure
...they also would have voted against him.

And while he may've been an gun-loving old man,
at least Heston marched for civil rights
...decades before McCain opposed MLK Day.

McCain should learn by watching a few more films
...he'll have plenty of time starting early November.

Take an exodus from the every day
& follow an 11th Commandment: Drink Liberally
at your local progressive social club.

In The News

Myanmar Turns Back Foreign Aid Workers New York Times
McCain girding for battle with Obama
Obama Seeks To Unify Party For November Washington Post behind the scenes, his campaign worked with a light touch to win over uncommitted superdelegates and allies of Clinton, mindful of not appearing overconfident and of the fact that they would need the backing of the candidate, her husband and their supporters in the fall. ........ With numerous prominent Democrats believed to be waiting in the wings to endorse his candidacy ...... as early as May 20, when Kentucky and Oregon vote ..... "I think they respect the process, they respect Senator Clinton and myself." ...... touting poll numbers suggesting that Clinton would be a stronger nominee in key states such as Florida and Ohio. "Some people don't agree, but most people respect the argument," said Steve Grossman, a member of Clinton's national finance team. ...... Clinton argued that the coalition of voters backing her would make her more viable .... she repeatedly referred to her appeal among "hardworking Americans," including "Catholic voters, Hispanic voters, blue-collar voters and seniors -- the kind of people who Senator McCain will be fighting for in the general election." She did not repeat the term "white voters" ....... McCain was "losing his bearings" ...... a not particularly clever way of raising John McCain's age as an issue ...... two major grass-roots programs. "Vote for Change," a voter registration drive aimed at signing up millions of Democrats over the next six months, will begin tomorrow with 100 events in all 50 states. An army of "Organizing Fellows" is also being recruited -- full-time volunteers who will be deployed to swing states. ..... Obama spent the day in Washington courting uncommitted lawmakers. Former senator Thomas A. Daschle (S.D.), who helped organize the one-on-one and small-group sessions, said Obama is in striking distance of overtaking Clinton in superdelegate support, and may hit that mark in the next few days. ...... "The writing is on the wall. They think he's the nominee, so there's no reason to rush," said one prominent uncommitted Democrat, referring to other lawmakers in the same situation. "Then you don't have to offend anybody. The voters will issue their verdict soon enough." ..... Sen. Mary Landrieu (La.) said she will continue to "contemplate things" over the next few weeks. .... Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) said she spoke with Clinton by phone for 15 minutes yesterday morning, with Clinton doing most of the talking and sounding "very collected" in her determination to stay in the race. "She doesn't believe it's time," Feinstein said, adding that Clinton feels a bond with those who have supported her and does not want to let them down.
Why Barack Obama fears an immediate halt to Hillary Clinton's campaign Los Angeles Times "The Democratic race now moves to West Virginia," Jay Leno noted during his monologue Thursday night on "The Tonight Show." "Today, Hillary Clinton claimed she always wanted to be a coal miner. But those dreams were dashed when she was forced to attend Wellesley and Yale." ...... At a fundraiser in Washington's Union Station last night with cheese and crackers and fruits for a minimum $1,000, he told supporters, "The nomination doesn't take place in August -- it takes place until August."
Hezbollah routs pro-government gunmen; controls Beirut Washington Post
Victory In Two Weeks, Obama Says
National Post
US elections: Barack Obama to declare victory
McCain Toasts Clinton, Obama
Clinton: Playing the race card?
What went wrong for Clinton? AFP
Clinton dismisses calls to drop out Detroit Free Press
Painful period for Clinton campaign
MSNBC I could not find an objective Democrat who did not think the race was over ....... I think it’s a painful period for the Clinton campaign. She has fought a very energetic race, but the math just isn’t there. ....... Hillary Clinton said, “Whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me and in independents I was running even with him and doing even better with Democratic-leaning independents I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on.” ........ It’s unusual for a candidate to be using words like “whites.” ...... John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan and former President George Bush. ....... Sen. Chris Dodd, a former DNC chairman who supports Barack Obama and Terry McAuliffe who supports Hillary Clinton.
Clinton, Obama hesitate to build "Dream Ticket" Newsday chatter of a joint ticket with Obama on the top was making the rounds of Democratic power circles, the media and in the two campaigns themselves. ........ top Clinton aides were eager to discuss a peace treaty contingent on the joint ticket. ....... neither candidate may have a choice ..... Harold Ford, head of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council ...... the difficulties of Hillary Clinton playing second banana - and her husband playing third. ...... She's a true Democratic star, one of the world's most famous women. ...... They would reunify two halves of a party split by a divisive primary. ..... It wouldn't be change vs. experience, it would be change and experience.

What's Taboo for Senator Obama? ABC News The competitive senator quickly got into the game, cheering on staff members, handing out high fives to his team, and checking the score religiously after each turn........ jokingly suggesting he'd cut off access to the reporter acting as his Taboo referee. .... While Obama was trying to get his staff to guess the word "revolution" he said, "Thomas Jefferson called for this every now and then." ..... One reporter, trying to get the team to guess the word "California," used Senator Obama as an example, "This is where Senator Obama said his bitter comments" ....... the Obama campaign beat the press in two games, (25-17, and 20-18). ...... "And you guys are the wordsmiths?" Obama said ribbing the press for their poor showing as he returned to his cabin at the front of the plane.
Obama signaling a VP slot for Hillary? Hot Air, USA Obama’s generous description of Hillary to Wolf Blitzer ..... the biggest signal yet that they’re prepared to cut a deal ...... Clinton is no longer realistically capable of overtaking him, and the US media were yesterday treating him as the presumptive Democratic nominee. ...... “There’s no doubt that she’s qualified to be vice-president; there’s no doubt she’s qualified to be president,” he said. .... “She is tireless, she is smart. She is capable. And so obviously she’d be on anybody’s shortlist to be a potential vice-presidential candidate,” he said. ..... the Democrats don’t have many high-profile options for a Barack Obama running mate, anyway.

Superdelegates shifting toward Obama Christian Science Monitor, USA Obama will soon overtake Senator Clinton on this final frontier, a tipping point that could encourage a cascade of endorsements from holdouts and all but seal the nomination for the Illinois senator. Even so, some superdelegates say they are content to wait out the remaining six contests before placing their bets. ........ the number of undeclared superdelegates – 265 ....... "I want to talk to Senator Clinton. I'd like to know what her strategy is," says Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) of California. "She's my friend and I'm loyal. On the other hand, I don't want to rend the party asunder and so I think in this one the key is really in the strategy and whether the strategy is workable." ........ assurances from her aides that she would not let the nomination fight go all the way to the national convention in August. ....... a final month of hard campaigning ....... "I have been neutral, and out of respect for my supporters, half of whom are for Senator Clinton and half of whom are for Senator Obama, I'm going to stay that way," Sen. Mary Landrieu, a Louisiana Democrat facing a tough reelection battle ...... Obama needs 178 more delegates for the nomination .... Obama took his quest for superdelegates directly to the Capitol late Thursday morning, striding onto the House floor in the middle of a vote and chatting up uncommitted lawmakers.