Geraldine Ferraro, Geremiah Wrong: A Dialogue

Geraldine Ferraro, Geremiah Wrong: A Dialogue

Geraldine Ferraro: You racist bigot!

Geremiah Wrong: Lady, you are no clean spigot yourself.

Geraldine Ferraro: You have one filthy mouth.

Geremiah Wrong: Another way to look at it would be that I am oozing with black anger.

Geraldine Ferraro: So you now claim to speak for an entire people? And not just for yourself?

Geremiah Wrong: In case you did not notice, that chicken coming home to roost was not an original line. I borrowed it from Brother Malcolm X. I also intend to borrow his greatness.

Geraldine Ferraro: A God fearing man would not say God damn America. It is America that puts food on your table.

Geremiah Wrong: If God can damn New Orleans, is America a sacred cow?

Geraldine Ferraro: So you stand by your word?

Geremiah Wrong: If white men can stand by their word, why can't this black brother?

Geraldine Ferraro: You support a black man for president. Because he is black? Is that not racist?

Geremiah Wrong: Your slave owner great-grandfather, and your restaurant owner father would know better.

Geraldine Ferraro: Slavery and segregation are dead horses. How long do you intend to beat those dead horses?

Geremiah Wrong: Segregation lives in my personal memory. Slavery is on Discovery Channel. They are not going away. Not on my dime.

Geraldine Ferraro: You are a disgrace to your church.

Geremiah Wrong: Too late to make that point. I am retired.

Geraldine Ferraro: You are a disgrace to Obama 08.

Geremiah Wrong: Too late to make that point. They already kicked me out.

Geraldine Ferraro: You are a disgrace to America.

Geremiah Wrong: America is a disgrace to me.

Geraldine Ferraro: Do you vote?

Geremiah Wrong: If a brother is running.

Geraldine Ferraro: If Barack were a white man, he would not be where he is today. You agree?

Geremiah Wrong: I agree. He would already have been in the White House for 200 plus years.

Geraldine Ferraro: It is so much harder for a woman. Ask me what it was like in 1984.

Geremiah Wrong: 1984, the book?

Geraldine Ferraro: No, stupid. When I ran.

Geremiah Wrong: You ran the marathon?

Geraldine Ferraro: No. When I ran for Vice President Of The United States.

Geremiah Wrong: I thought that was brother Jesse in 1984. Actually I am pretty sure.

Geraldine Ferraro: Do you ever read? Or do you just preach?

Geremiah Wrong: Neither. Not no more. I have served my time on the pulpit.

Geraldine Ferraro: But the woman thing.

Geremiah Wrong: Black liberation also automatically applies to black women. Don't black women look black to you?

Geraldine Ferraro: There's no point talking to you. There is a short circuit in your brain.

Geremiah Wrong: This conversation has felt unreal the entire time to me as well. Why are we even talking?

Geraldine Ferraro: Because you have a big mouth.

Geremiah Wrong: Lady, can we please just not go into the name calling territory? I have a reputation to live up to.

Geraldine Ferraro: It is not like you ever ran for Vice President.

Geremiah Wrong: Like you did.

Geraldine Ferraro: You are not in my league.

Geremiah Wrong: I am not white. I know that. That is the point I have been making my entire life.

Geraldine Ferraro: I was talking about achievement, not skin color.

Geremiah Wrong: You mean the achievement gap? It all goes back to slavery.

Geraldine Ferraro: Out you bring that dead horse.

Geremiah Wrong: If it is on Discovery Channel, how dead can it be?

Geraldine Ferraro: You know, the Hillary 08 people kicked me out as well.

Geremiah Wrong: Really? Just when I thought we had no common ground at all.

Geraldine Ferraro: I guess we do have a little bit to start with after all.

Geremiah Wrong: Welcome aboard.

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