Hillary's Racist Twang: Between Hope And Hard Work

Two-for-One Deal, Take Two Wall Street Journal Without naming her chief rivals, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and Mr. Edwards, she took aim at both. Mr. Obama has been a Clinton target for his relative inexperience and vague talk of "hope" for big changes. "You don't just do it by hoping it happens. You do it by hard work," she said at the Sioux City labor picnic before a union rally in Des Moines. "'Change' is just a word if you don't have the strength and experience to make it happen."

"We feel very smart when we are talking to ourselves."
- Hillary Clinton to the bloggers at the Kos Convention

"I can't think in front of a computer."
- Hillary Clinton

Charlie Rose: December 18, 2002

Watch the part here where an otherwise good man Charlie Rose goes on a tangent. He hones in on Spitzer wanting to maybe fine some lousy corporation a hundred million dollars. Is it about the money? Charlie Rose comes across as not clean to me at that point.

Also watch this. An otherwise good man Charlie Rose at one point suggests because Barack Obama's mother was white, it does not matter. If it is not in this video, it is in this other video.

So if Barack Obama's mother had been black, that would be a problem? Obama, on his part, rescues the situation by saying "Warren Buffett, who is both your friend and mine." He also does a doubletake and says, "My Harvard classmate Ken Mehlman." As in Mehlman thinks three big victories in a row, 2000, 2002, and 2004, is that a majority? "And I don't think so." As in, Mehlman went to Harvard, so did I? It is not about skin color.

Charlie Rose is a good guy. I like his show a lot. He might have played an important role in making sure brown dude Muhammad Yunus got a Nobel Prize.

Charlie Rose - Muhammad Yunus

Charlie Rose - Muhammad Yunus / Annie Leibovitz

But Rose does have to account for his anti-Jew, anti-black lapses. I am not suggesting he should be punished and handed over to the Taliban. All I am saying is it should be honorable to bring these lapses up, to talk about it, for all parties involved to respectfully understand what is going on, to come to a new mutually respectful understanding, and to move on. Maybe apologize and move on. Let's have an honor system here. When you make a mistake, you don't create a traffic jam of the national conversation, but you are open to revisiting and owning up and maybe apologizing and learning, and moving on. That would make a good situation better.

On this planet white people are not better off because they work harder than anyone else. I am all for personal responsibility, including the personal responsibility of the nonwhite peoples to confront racism. But too often black folks get infected by racism and they underperform. How much sense does it make to blame a malaria victim?

Obama is no malaria victim. He is more successful than Hillary as is. But that's not the point.

She also had a lapse in Chicago at the Keith Olberman debate.

"You can think big!" she reprimanded Obama and was promptly booed by the crowd.

Is Barack Obama getting too big for his boots trying to cover new ground on foreign policy? If he is, he well started on that journey back in 2002. He thought big and opposed a dumb war that has been a half trillion dollar way to make America less safe.

I think Hillary is an amazing smart, strong, promising woman whose progressive credentials I don't doubt. Actually I strengthen my own progressive credentials from her progressive credentials. And the Clintons have been out there on race. But there are times when it shows that she attended some all white school growing up.

Like when she suggests in her autobiography about people who stay back in America and do really well. Why don't they go back and build their own countries? That is not as virulent as right wing attacks on immigrants, but it is one step close.

Bill Clinton's foundation fights AIDS in Africa. Why does it not fight dictators? Bill Clinton thinks cozying up with African dictators is essential to his fight against AIDS. George Bush thinks cozying up with Muslim dictators is essential to his fight against terrorism. Both the white boys are wrong on the money. Their good intentions get fundamentally dwarfed by their worldviews.

Bill Clinton was president. How much more power do you need to have had to rectify the fundamentally racist plate tectonic of global politics that makes sure the Africans stay off the radar screens and stay submerged?

Africa sends more money to America than America sends to Africa. That has been true for decades. That is a desperate situation down there.

Hillary's reference to "hard work" in an all white state is not exactly Willie Horton, but it is pointing in that direction.

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Blacks and Hispanics are 25% of America's population. By simple math, that would mean Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are 50% of the Democrats in the country. But since the ethnic minorities tend to be overwhelmingly Democratic, that figure is more like 65%.

The Democratic Party is the party of the nonwhites. Just look at the numbers. Nevada comes before New Hampshire, and South Carolina follows New Hampshire.

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Overheard In New York
I See You As More of an Anarcho-Syndicalist

20-ish guy: What do I want for lunch?
20-ish chick: I don't know... Would you call me a socialist?
20-ish guy: No, not to your face.

--2 train

Overheard by: sarah