Black On Barack Racism

Barack The Glass Walls, Ceilings, Smash 'Em

If one of Barack's white political opponents were to say Barack is too black or not black enough to be president, I would not lose a split second before labeling that opponent racist. Racism is like radioactivity or the summer temperature, it can be measured. And I intend to measure.

And I am not going to spare Barack's black folks, or my fellow Indian folks. If you are talking s___t, you are talking s___t. You are not going to get a pass from me just because you are black or Indian.

Race should not matter, race should not be used against you, should not matter that you are black, or white, or biracial.

MLK was not able to take blacks to the promised land, Jesse tried and failed, Sharpton was a joke. Barack is about to take black folks to the promised land. And so the black folks need to step up to the challenge. They are not going to vote for him in South Carolina because he won in Iowa and New Hampshire. They are going to have to support him in large numbers in South Carolina before he takes his decisive leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, as he shows every sign of doing. Black folks are going to get behind Barack right about now.

If not, Barack is still going to be president, but the black people are going to get left behind. Indira Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto were strong, smart women whose elevation to national power did not substantially improve the lot of women in India and Pakistan.

Barack is black America's chance to attempt and achieve parity. But for that to happen black America is going to have to step up to the plate. Nothing stands between Barack and black America, but black America does have to wake up. Black community leaders across the country are going to have to wake up and ride this wave. There might not be a second chance for decades.

What Was Wrong With That Memo Again?

There Is An Albert Einstein On The Obama Campaign Staff

Forgive me, but I never read that memo. I just read about it in the media. And not even the exaggerations offended me. And I am Indian. I am more Indian than the Indians because I am half Indian having to partly grow in Nepal's capital city where anti-Indian is how Nepali nationalism gets defined. I have the scars to show for being Indian, you perhaps don't.

Barack's paternal grandfather was a house servant to the British. He was called "boy." The Indians colonized India. Why can't the Indian community in America see that? Are they expecting some Abraham Lincoln or Mahatma Gandhi to show up again to help them get rid of their mental slavery? With their fancy academic degrees and fancy income brackets, can't these Indians in America do it on their own? Why can't they do it on their own?

Why can't black folks see it is a big deal that a black dude is going to be President of the United States? There is not a more powerful political office on the planet. A more powerful political office has not been created in the history of humanity. If to be slave and segregated is lack of power, holding the White House is the other end of the spectrum. If you hate powerlessness, why don't you love power? Stop being a hypocrite. Start making sense. Support Barack with a vengeance.

Barack offers the opportunity for India to emerge as America's number one global partner. India stands to displace Britain. China stands to do so economically, India stands to do so politically. India can spread democracy in the Arab countries the way America can not or can not alone, thats' why. It is a security priority for America to see in India its number one global partner because the only way to conclude the War On Terror is to turn every single Arab country into democracies and you do that by igniting local democracy movements. The Indian Muslims who are the grassroots soldiers of the largest, most vibrant democracy on the planet can help.

The top Indians in America need to stop donating to Hillary and start donating to Obama. You do it out of anger for your colonial history. You do it because racism still exists today and although you are making more money than any other ethnic group in America, you are not doing as well as you should. You do it because you owe it to the black people who were also wronged, and are still wronged today. You do it because there are plenty of white folks who think it is about time a black man became president because he is the most qualified.

You do it because you are Blac, and Obama is Blac, as in Black, Latino, Asian Caucus.

You do it for Africa. President Obama is going to be the best piece of news Africa ever had.

Barack: Too Young, Too Dynamic, Too Good To Be True

It is possible for a slice of pizza to be too good.

It is possible for the weather to get too nice.

It is possible for New York City to get too sexy.

Words Mean Things

I wish that were true of Chris Dodd's words.

Think Big, Think Different

Hillary accuses Barack of thinking "big."

Apple thinks "different."

In The News

Obama Invading Hil Country For Fundraiser In Brooklyn NY Daily News Who says New York City is Hillary Clinton's town? ..... the Illinois senator plans to fight hard for votes in the former First Lady's state. .... The $25-per-person fund-raiser will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Aug. 22 at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.
Karl Rove's Leaving Legacy TIME Karl Rove is the most famous, and infamous, political strategist in American history. ...... Rove didn't seem like such a genius then — and even less so after Jim Jeffords quit the Republican Party in mid-2001, thereby swinging control of the Senate back to the Democrats. But then came 9/11, and in the fall of 2002, Rove helped engineer a stunning political triumph when, for only the second time in history, Republicans picked up seats in both the House and the Senate in the first mid-term of a presidency. Two years later, Bush won re-election — and this time, the popular vote — and still more gains for the GOP in Congress, another historic accomplishment. James Carville, another famous political consultant, wrote in TIME that year that Rove's ability to win Bush a second term was "the signature political achievement of my lifetime." ....... "Bush's Brain", as Rove was sometimes called (usually by opponents who assumed Bush didn't have one of his own) ....... What often distinguished Rove from other strategists was his sweeping vision. He is encyclopedic in his knowledge of the smallest details of electoral politics — of precincts and turnout models, county activists and regional issues ....... As long ago as 1998, his stated project with Bush was to remake the GOP into a permanent governing majority of the kind the Democratic Party enjoyed from 1932 through 1968. ......... His plan was for nothing less than a broad re-alignment of American politics. ....... the mutation of the GOP into a party of big government ..... a party in retreat ..... In the 2006 mid-terms, Rove assured nervous Republicans that they could win again if they maligned their Democratic opponents as soft-headed and weak on terror. ....... Now Rove will join the speaking circuit, write a book and probably teach some college classes in Texas.
What Iowa's Straw Poll Tells the G.O.P. John McCain (101), whose position in favor of comprehensive immigration reform has decimated his campaign in Iowa. .... The quadrennial spectacle is unlike any other in American politics. Amidst giant tents, huge barbeque spreads, kids' rides and live music of all genres, supporters of the candidates were bused in from all over Iowa to cast votes. The proceeds from ticket sales go to the Iowa Republican Party, which stages the event as a fundraiser. It has, however, taken on a life of its own, becoming a test of organizational prowess and a game of chicken on spending and expectations in advance of the caucuses. ........ Giuliani will likely join Romney for the first time with television advertising in the key early voting votes of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. .... The politics of Iraq will only get more complicated for all of the Republican candidates.
Karl Rove's Flawed Vision
Are Baseball Umpires Racist? Bad calls by the ump are as much a part of baseball as home run records, rabid fans and watery beer, but a new study shows that an umpire's decision may have a disturbing ulterior motive: racism. ......."Baseball is a very closely played game." .... it also has an indirect effect on a team's psyche. Baseball is a game of strategy. ...... the bias benefits mostly white pitchers. Not surprising, since 71% of MLB pitchers and 87% of umpires are white. ..... minority umpires judged Asian pitchers more unfairly than they did white pitchers ..... referees in the National Basketball Association make racially biased calls too, calling more fouls against players of the opposite race ..... it can be easily reduced or eliminated. When a game's attendance is particularly high, when the call is made on a full count or when ballparks use QuesTec, an electronic system that evaluates the accuracy of umpires' calls after the game, the biased behavior disappeared ..... bias is instilled in infancy — much like enduring personality traits such as shyness or high self-esteem
Bush advisor Karl Rove leaving White House Miami Herald
Rove synthesized marketing and politics MarketWatch the "boy" genius who almost single handedly engineered the ascent of George W. Bush, first to the top of Texas politics and then into the presidency ...... Rove is a fiendish, clever, manipulative charlatan, who helped foist Bush onto an unsuspecting public. ...... blending old-style marketing techniques and modern campaigning ..... his knowledge of the much-maligned direct mail business ..... In a business where a "successful" conversion rate may be just 1%, practitioners become extremely knowledgeable about what actually works with people. ....... The specific knowledge of what issues resonated with which voters could then be combined with targeted get-out-the-vote efforts. Apply that knowledge to the key battleground states and suddenly all of that work could be amplified by the winner-take-all Electoral College system that operates in most states, most notably in West Virginia in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. ....... A peculiar side benefit of the Rove technique was that it got around television, not his client-in-chief's strongest medium. A second benefit was that it operated so far below the radar that it was difficult for opponents to respond, since they barely even knew what was happening. ...... given how quickly presidential politics jumps from one medium to the next, one thing seems distressingly clear. The next Karl Rove, whatever his political disposition, is likely to come from the world of e-mail spam.
Nepal's Rebel Leader Threatens to Quit Coalition Government Bloomberg
Giuliani continues his conservative shift Boston Globe
Sky's the show: Popular meteor shower hits tonight New Jersey Herald the annual Perseid meteor shower, "one of the most famous and popular meteor showers of the year." .... observers can expect to see between 60 and 100 meteors an hour, an average of one or more per minute. The best viewing time will be about 4 a.m. Monday morning, but the event will be visible all through the night for those with dark skies. ...... In past centuries, people could not understand and sometimes feared the streaks of light that appeared across the sky. Now, some groups are setting up lawn chairs to enjoy the event. ...... as the Earth passes through a trail of debris left by a comet.
Obama's Wife Decries Blackness Question
ABC News
Obama's Wife Decries Blackness Question Guardian Unlimited ``We're still playing around with the question: Is he black enough?'' Michelle Obama told a campaign event on Chicago's South Side. ``Stop that nonsense.'' .... Obama got Oprah. Clinton gets Magic.
Barack Obama: GQ Hits the Road with the Presidential Candidate Lizza interviewed Obama numerous times beginning in early 2004, just after his Senate primary win. ...... one of the criticisms in the national press of me is, 'Well, he may not be mean and tough enough for the rough-and-tumble of a presidential race.' Well, it turns out we have had some sharp elbows once in a while. But then people are shocked, and they say, 'Look, the guy's not who we thought he was!'
Tough talk drives Clinton effort Boston Globe
convincing voters that she can be trusted with the nation's security is one of her biggest hurdles. ....... given how much other women in American politics have struggled to be taken seriously on military and foreign policy issues. ...... When Geraldine Ferraro was the Democratic candidate for vice president in 1984, she was dogged by questions about whether she could "push the button" to launch an attack if the Cold War turned hot. ........ "I was quizzed [about foreign policy] everywhere I went. It was test, test, test," recalled Ferraro. "It was patronizing and offensive." ...... She worked hard to get a seat on the powerful Armed Services Committee, which deals with most defense issues. She has advocated for better health benefits and higher pay for the military, and even free postage for families to mail packages to loved ones serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. And she has sought private briefings with military leaders and has grown friendly with several high-profile retired generals. ...... Wow, she listens to what we have to say more than any other senator ..... cosponsoring a bill to expand the Army by 100,000 soldiers and supporting new spending on missile defense ...... knowledge and preparation are distinct from wisdom and judgment. Clinton's 2002 vote to authorize the Iraq war -- heavily criticized by her opponents and liberal bloggers -- "is a small but damning piece of evidence" about her wisdom ......... leading Senator Barack Obama 51 percent to 29 percent among those who want an immediate withdrawal from Iraq -- which isn't even her position ....... in debates and speeches, she has often managed to come across as both the toughest and the most clear-eyed candidate. ...... she sounded like the elder statesman, painting Obama as rash ..... said the United States should "destroy" Osama bin Laden. ..... While many voters view Clinton as cold and calculating, those very characteristics help her come off as a plausible leader of the armed forces ....... Patricia Schroeder, the Democratic congresswoman from Colorado who was ridiculed for tearing up when she announced she would not run for president in 1988. ..... the fact that she is not warm and cuddly .... Schroeder, who supports Clinton, said that women in politics still have to "leap through 14 hoops" to be taken as seriously as men, but that Clinton has accomplished that. ......... in the officer corps, at least in the Army, is that what had been an almost reflexive conservative or Republican bias has shifted
Clinton-Obama clash raises experience issue Washington Times jumped in with a press release. "Clinton, Obama both wrong," the release blared, calling Mrs. Clinton's response "overly-rigid" and Mr. Obama's "overly-simplistic." ..... "Words mean things," said Mr. Dodd, who has since created a "Dodd vs. Obama" section on his campaign Web site. ..... Bush called him to the White House early in his first term, ordering: "Brief me on Europe." ..... the spat has improved his standing because "the public is getting a little fed up with the Clinton-Obama fighting." ..... In Iowa, he scoffed at the argument over rogue leaders, saying: "I've already talked to them ...... listed the foreign leaders each Democratic hopeful has met with during their careers. Mr. Biden led the pack with more than 100, followed by Mr. Dodd, with just under 100; Mrs. Clinton, the former first lady, with 90; and Mr. Richardson with 21. ...... Dodd criticized Mrs. Clinton's recent speech on the subprime mortgage lending crisis and noted he "has already taken leadership" on the issue, and that "addressing the crisis will require more than rhetoric on the campaign trail."
They fear Obama's too hot! New York Daily News charm, good looks and pure star power
Clinton to Run First TV Ads in Iowa Washington Post Iowa, her weakest state
Obama and Clinton Go Nuclear Washington Post her answer is wrong on policy and wrong on strategy. ...... It didn't take long for the AP to catch Clinton in a reversal, reporting that she had disavowed the use of nuclear weapons against Iran in April 2006. "I would certainly take nuclear weapons off the table," she told Bloomberg Television ....... The nuclear weapons may destroy the intended target, but using them would spawn countless more bin Ladens and hordes of al Qaeda fighters and would push other states to develop nuclear weapons of their own. Even threatening to use nuclear weapons in these circumstances is counterproductive: America's supposed willingness to kill indiscriminately is a key part of terrorist rhetoric and is used by rogue states to justify obtaining WMD of their own.
Magic supporting Clinton's prez bid
Clinton hopes he'll have the Magic touch New York Daily News
Earvin 'Magic' Johnson to hold fundraiser for Clinton campaign KESQ
Death Toll from South Asia's Monsoon Floods Tops 2000
Voice of America
Pupils go hungry in Bihar because cook is low-caste
Reuters India
Dalit Woman Stopped From Cooking Mid-day Meals NEWSPost India
China Toy Boss Kills Self After Recall
Washington Post
India free to test nuclear weapons under US deal, leader says
International Herald Tribune
Indian Pm Defends Nuclear Deal With Us
Guardian Unlimited
Indian Prime Minister Defends Nuclear Agreement Washington Post
China's Worrisome Inflation Data
Inflation Surges in China New York Times 5.6 percent ..... Grain prices have been rising globally because more grain is being used for ethanol production and because increasingly affluent people in developing countries are buying more grain-fed livestock and poultry. ..... China’s 800 million peasants ...... the economy may have reached an unsustainable rate of growth when it expanded 11.9 percent in the second quarter. ..... National, provincial and local government agencies have engaged in a frenzy of spending since then on new ports, railroads, highways, pipelines and other infrastructure while businesses have been investing heavily in new factories, office buildings, apartment towers and more. Economists contend that the sheer scale of the spending has sometimes been wasteful and many unnecessary projects have been completed. ...... China has avoided so far the inflationary bottlenecks that briefly threatened to overwhelm it in 2004, even as growth has accelerated to a considerably faster pace.
Google shuts down video service BBC News the success of YouTube has made Google Video increasingly irrelevant.
Google Video Shuts Downs Paid Category Search Engine Roundtable
Universal and Google to Sell Unprotected Music
Big B dares UP govt to jail him Times of India Bachchan has blamed his problems on change of regime in Uttar Pradesh, while daring the government to put him in jail if it felt he was guilty. .... the Barabanki DM had confirmed that the land was his and he had used the certificate to buy land in Bhavna in Maharashtra .... "Two or three years later, they suddenly said the certificate is wrong. How does anyone function in a situation like this? So, everytime there is a change of government, everything that has passed before, or any documentation that has been given to you as permission to continue doing your work, has to stop," he said. ..... Bachchan said if owning agricultural land also classified the owner as farmer, then "there are millions of people who own agricultural land and do not necessarily go down on their hands and knees and till the earth". .... pointed out he was "hounded" for Bofors scam even when his "friend" Rajiv Gandhi was prime minister. .... "I'm happy that I fought, I'm happy that I cleared my name (in the Bofors scam), I'm happy that I fought single-handedly against the government and defeated them."
Donating land was my right, says Big B
UP to go ahead with case against Big B
Big B surrenders all his farmland
No gain for Big B in holding land
Big B no farmer, says court
Allahabad HC admits Bachchan's farmer petition
Petition seeking CBI probe into Bachchan's land in HC
Land row: Big B moves Allahabad HC
'Amitabh likely to face action over land deal'
Big B ready for probe into land allotment
No plans to re-enter politics: Big B
Put me in jai if I am guilty: Amitabh Bachchan Apun Ka Choice
Big B takes a dig at govt The Tribune
Ailing Goldman Fund to Get $3 Billion Infusion New York Times
Goldman injects $3bn into quant fund Financial Times
New season of Egyptian soccer league kicks off
HP, Dell expected to benefit from cheaper parts
The parts that go into your PC are getting cheaper. .... unit sales are up, demand is solid and profit margins are better due to cheap component costs. ..... DRAM prices are down 27 percent on average this quarter compared to the prior one. ..... the $48.5 million Dell is paying former CEO Kevin Rollins

Clinton a Drag? Dems Fear Her Negatives Washington Post In more than 40 interviews, Democratic candidates, consultants and party chairs from every region pointed to internal polls that give Clinton strikingly high unfavorable ratings in places with key congressional and state races. .... A candidate's unfavorability scores almost always climb during campaigns. ..... Obama has much lower unfavorability ratings than Clinton ..... "gun-toting, bible-carrying, God-loving, church-attending" voters.
Many Dems fear Clinton's negatives will drag party down Los Angeles Times Officials say public has cemented distaste for her, but they say so anonymously for fear of her machine.

Romney Wins Iowa Straw Poll Voice of America won more than 31 percent of the 14,000 some votes cast ..... His supporters, most of whom sported yellow tee-shirts in the sweltering heat as they milled around the straw poll site ...... his proven leadership, both in the private sector and as a state governor, but many also cited his values and character. ..... he is going to run the country conservatively and that his Mormonism will not come into play any more than Clinton's Christianity or Bush's Christianity. ..... Giuliani, Arizona Senator John McCain and former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson ..... They all came in with less than two percent each in the straw poll.
Crackdown on illegal immigration Los Angeles Times The Bush administration announced a series of steps Friday to bolster security on the border, heighten work-site immigration enforcement, streamline guest worker programs and improve the immigration system. ..... establishing biometric exit requirements...... Raise fines by 25% for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. .... Extend the term of visas from one year to three for the approximately 65,000 professionals who enter each year from Canada and Mexico. ..... Study ways to improve visa programs for highly skilled workers. ..... Expedite background checks for legal immigrants.


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