Drinking Liberally, 2nd Annual Fundraiser, Chinatown

I did not go to the first one last year, but those who went said this year's was much bigger. The highlight was a personal video message from Howard Dean just for the event. He was Big Brother on big screen.

Howard Dean has had a 50 state strategy. Barack has a 45 state strategy: I Give John McCain Five States.

The place was 87 Lafayette in Chinatown. I really liked the venue. It was the exact opposite of a swanky bar, so you felt more relaxed. More important, it was spacious. I really like the idea of big space, empty, big space.

For some reason I thought I would go, and they would make me sit in a chair and watch stage action for a few hours. But this was not a cultural program. There were stalls, like there was this stall where you got your drinks, I got a few beers. There was this other stall where you got food. The whole thing was two levels, but not exactly two floors.

The place actually looked rundown, like an artist's studio. Where there was plaster it looked like the plaster was coming off.

I got to meet Justin Krebs' mother.

Liberal Guy Justin Krebs Is A Poet

And I met this young Indian woman: her mother had been the Indian ambassador to Poland. I asked her if she had been to Drinking Liberally. She said, "Yes, a friend of mine started it." She was of course referring to Justin. She made it sound like she was the only friend Justin had.

Aaron was a pleasure to meet. I like that guy.

A lot of people showed up. It was mostly a white male crowd though. I notice such things. And this is no small detail. I went to a Planned Parenthood event on February 7, and that was a mostly white female crowd. And the guys could feel it.

The second largest group was white women. Nonwhite men and women were few and far between.

I tried to make small talk with as many individuals as possible.

There were a lot of people who I had seen before. I got to touch base with them.

And there is always that occasional awkward moment.

It was great to see Brooke. She is half white, half Hispanic. I find her biracial background fascinating. This was only my third time seeing her: looks like she has been quite a regular at Drinking Liberally while I have been absent for months. I basically skipped winter. She is an attorney, a Miami transplant. She worked the crowd well. I guess she is quite a conversationalist.

Stephanie is a major fixture. The only person more permanent at Rudy's is Justin himself, and perhaps Katrina. Stephanie is always so relaxed.

I met a guy who was a full time blogger: Democrats.com. He claimed he got 10,000 page hits a day. He grew up in Jackson Heights when it was not the Jackson Heights of today, it was all white, kind of.

I met "the Russian wife" to a Justin friend: long time. She is still adjusting to her adopted country. There are so many little details you have to learn when you move.

A relative of mine just became Russia's Manger Of The Year: Mahato conferred Russia's 'Manager of the Year'.

Justin spoke well on stage. This guy can speak. Like they say back in Nepal, he speaks fluent English. Jang Bahadur (1816-1877) came back from his six month long visit to Britain. He was asked what was the most amazing this he saw there. He is like, even little children could speak English.

The usual suspects were there. Stringer, Schneiderman, Nadler and a few others. Schneiderman looked relaxed.

People paid $100 to $500. Even at $100 a piece, 500 people would net in 50K. That is a handsome sum. And I am sure DL does other fundraisers.

DL feels like a startup.

And it was not just a young crowd. There were people from a few different age groups.

The after party was at The Tank, not far from the venue. I went but did not stay. I was too tired to stick around.

I think I want to do some stand up comedy on the side. I also want to appear in movies. Being friends with Justin Krebs should get me into some comedy. And perhaps my Facebook friend Matt Damon will some day put me in for a few seconds. I don't even have to talk. I just want to be seen on screen.

On the walk to the Tank, I found myself talking to Melanie "from Ohio." She asked me where I was from. I said I was born in India, grew up in Nepal.

"But why would you do that? I was born in Ohio, and I grew up in Ohio," she said. I thought she was joking, but she looked serious. She made it sound like I was born and, just like Buddha, immediately started walking. I walked until I crossed the border.

She never heard of Berea.

I had questions. How did DL start? How has it grown? Do other chapters also raise and spend money?

I had fun, but at times I also felt like, what am I doing here? I should be spending more time on my startup. A startup, by definition, is high risk behavior. But then if I were not doing a startup, I would be doing something else that was high risk.

It was a good party. Justin Krebs is a good guy. If he keeps chugging along at this rate, in about a decade he might end up Time magazine's one of the most influential people in America.

I was also itching to get active with DL21C. DL does not have what DL21C has, that gravitas, that hard core political stuff, that aura, but DL21C is only in three cities, DL will soon be in all 50 states. The two organizations deserve to grow together into all 50 states.

A future President of the United States leads DL21C.

I really was enjoying my casual attire. My shirt was loud, primary color green. I had my jeans jacket on. My boots looked on the rough side. My Bruce Lee hair imitation had gone haywire.


After a very long time I also went to a DFNYC Linkup last Wednesday. I stayed half an hour. Abhishek Mistry was the convenor at Kettle O' Fish.

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