I Give John McCain Five States

Jupiter And Obama (February 11, 2007)

I give John McCain five states in November. Barack is about to do what Reagan did in 1984, what FDR did after he had been in office two terms already. I was one of those who started out thinking Barack is great but this new kind of politics thing is b.s. I want some fight in me. But whatever Barack has been doing has not only been working, it has been working wonders. I hereby declare myself a student of Barack's new kind of politics, politics of hope, positive politics.

Barack is not just about to win the nomination, he is not just about to win the White House for the Dems, he is not just about to give the Dems a 60 strong majority in the Senate, this dude is about to nothing less than redefine politics itself. This guy is in the process of reinventing the game and I like him for it.

I have been in his presence. It is an almost spiritual feeling. I wondered if that is how Richard Gere felt in the Dalai Lama's presence. (I Am A Buddhist Like Richard Gere)

In The News

Obamamania Hits the House Floor Washington Post Obama was mobbed on the House floor ..... she asked them to come to her and had limited success convincing busy lawmakers to leave the Capitol. Obama showed up on their turf, walking into a packed chamber this morning in the middle of a vote. ...... Rep. Judy Biggert, from Obama's homestate of Illinois, tapped him on the shoulder to say hi. ....... Eventually, Obama escaped, only to be greeted by around 100 Congressional pages waiting in the hallway for a group photo with the Democratic front-runner. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) shrugged off the fuss, noting that "Senators come to our floor all the time. Some attract more attention than others. I'm sure if Sen. Clinton came, she would attract a great deal of attention as well." Hillary Clinton's strategy of last resort Los Angeles Times an unfair attempt to move the goal line. ...... they feared the political damage to the party if Clinton were to succeed in using the party apparatus to take the nomination from Obama ....... Ickes said that seating Florida and Michigan -- and assigning delegates according to the January voting -- was part of a broader strategy to bring Clinton within 100 delegates of Obama.
Obama's got a confident new strategy he's about to try another approach: ignoring her. ....... Obama's pivot reflects a hardening belief in his camp that there are few realistic scenarios under which Clinton can capture the nomination. ....... superdelegates were still breaking for the Illinois senator at a healthy clip ...... Obama already devotes considerable time to McCain at his rallies.
Obama to Declare Win, Come Hill Or High Water FOXNews Obama is looking at May 20 as the end date ...... Obama will win a majority of pledged delegates on May 20. ...... The Michigan DNC has offered a plan to divvy up its delegates, 69-59 ...... Montana and South Dakota on June 3, and McAuliffe said he expects the superdelegates to pledge their allegiances within weeks after that date. ...... headed over to the House side of the congressional campus and received rock-star treatment from pages and lawmakers alike.
Hillary Clinton, Madame Vice President U.S. News & World Report