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Advice To Hillary

Run Early

Spring 2007 is the time to launch. Any later is too late. January is fine. February is fine. March is fine. April is getting late.

Any time in 2006 is too early. Nancy Pelosi will deserve the time to celebrate. Go on another listening tour before you announce. Get "permission" from your constituents in New York. They will be better off with you as president than as Senator.

Go on a nationwide listening tour.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker

Campaign Slogan: This Is A New Century

It is the American dream, stupid sounds too much like 1992. Let's try something new. This should also appeal to the policy wonk in you. There is a need for a rethink on education, a rethink on health, a rethink on most everything. Let there be a flood of new ideas.

Three Pillars, Draft 2

Don't Shake Too Many Hands, Save That For 2012

Some lefty looney described Secretary of State Colin Powell early in his term as a "house slave," and Powell said the critic was referring to "another era.&…

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The race thing comes in many flavors. There is the personal space. And there is the public space. When I talk up race in a political way, my concern is the public space. Corporations qualify. Political offices qualify. If Blacks and Latinos and Asians are 25% of the country, they should be 25% of the composition all the way to the top, up the political space, up the corporate space. Anything else is problematic.

Considering most of the wealth is created in the private sector, most of the jobs are, I am going to take the productivity angle. It is so obvious to me that a corporate structure devoid of glass walls and ceilings will be more productive and will beat the competition, perhaps there have to be entrepreneurial efforts to that effect. Entrepreneurs should see market opportunity in the social justice theme.

So a person's performance gets measured with a whole bunch of numbers. There are matrices involved. My fascination with the IC vision is partly to do with this suggestio…

Iraq: Dumb War

"We are spending $8 billion a month in Iraq. That's $2 billion each week, $267 million each day, or $11 million each hour. For what we spend in three weeks, we could make needed improvements in order to properly secure our public transportation systems. For what we spend in five days, we could put radiation detectors in all of our ports. And for two days in Iraq, we could screen all air cargo."
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The South Dakota Event

Famine In South Dakota

I showed up yesterday. They asked for my ID at the gate. Don't I look old enough? I am past 30 for sure. I don't eat much. It is a lazy bone thing.

The downstairs was crowded. The event was upstairs. They would not let me in. I was a few minutes early. They had not started to check people in yet.

I had this lingering feeling I had not been to a DFNYC event in a long time. This was not strictly a DFNYC event. But the organization was one of the sponsors.

Heather Woodfield passed by as I was seeping beer. "It's upstairs." She looked dead serious. Then Leila Noor. And she looked dead serious. "We were to get both floors, but they messed up." And because Leila talked to me, the "guard" let me in before time. Some people have friends in high places. I had a friend upstairs, it appeared.

A familiar faced lady was checking people in, a DFNYC person. "What's your name?" "Bhagat. You mean last name?" "No, …

Famine In South Dakota

I am no authority on the abortion issue although I have instinctively supported the position since day one, which would be when I was at high school in Kathmandu and Bill Clinton showed up on the radar to run for president.

I personally don't know anyone who has had an abortion. Or noone who knows me who has had one has told me about it.

The Maoists in Nepal have been staunch supporters of abortion rights since their day one.

For me it has been primarily a white women issue. It tickles me as an issue for a few different reasons. One, it is one of those I did my good deed for the day things. Two, I feel like if I am to expect white women to support me on race issues, I should express solidarity on the gender issues. Three, we live in a sexist world. I am delighted when women get together and take offense on at least something. I maintain the agenda is far too narrow. But it is a start. Women should be angry.

Leila Noor has worked on me for this event. The last time I discussed race wi…