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The Dean Machine

Dear Paramendra,Less than 24 hours ago we launched a two-week drive to send a clear message that Democrats want to grow our party everywhere -- and we're already close to reaching the goal. If we hit the goal we'll keep going, because we're not going to let up on this. During these two weeks we're going to make the clearest case possible for the 50-state strategy and back it up with a potent force. That's you. Earlier this week I asked our Executive Director Tom McMahon to put together some facts and figures for you -- his message is below. There's a lot of information there, but questions have been raised about the 50-state strategy and I want you to have as many facts as possible in order to make your own decision and spread the word to others to make theirs.Results like these are just the beginning of what we will achieve with a simple new principle governing our party: People count.Stand up and be counted now: you.Go…

Hakeem Jeffries: Principled Compromise

Looks like this election hinges on one thing: this Atlantic Yards thingie. This was an issue also in Bloomberg's reelection effort. It is some kind of a project I don't know much about. Bill Batson is against it. Hamilton is for it. Hakeem Jeffries wants a "principled compromise."

I plead ignorance. I don't know a whole lot. I am not too familiar with the local contours of what Hakeem is dealing with. But if I were to offer advice, it would be as follows.

(1) Really work on schmoozing. Shake many hands, say many hellos. Don't get too hung up on issues. Show your human face. Feel easy, make people feel easy. Come across as folksy. Down to earth, in touch. You are highly qualified. That is a plus. But you run the danger of coming across as bookish. Walk the streets. Have fun. Do some barbecue stuff.

(2) Right does not always win. My instinct says you have the most sensible stand on this Atlantic Yards thingie. You are not posturing. You are trying to make the best…

Barack The Glass Walls, Ceilings, Smash 'Em

Barack, verb, to break the glass walls and ceilingsBarack Obama is hot today. He is old enough. He will still be hot four and eight years from now. But he is hot today. He is ready for prime time. He was ready in 2004. That is how he got introduced to the world.

Barack Obama spent part of his childhood in Indonesia. He does not feel foreign to me.

Barack Obama is biracial. He is not African American. But then his father was African, his mother American. He is more African American than the African Americans.

Barack Obama is blue, Barack Obama is red, Barack Obama is white. Barack Obama is black. Barack Obama is yellow, purple, green, magenta. Barack Obama is loud.

He will be 47 in 2008. John Kennedy was 42 when he became president. Martin Luther King was 35 when he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Bill Clinton was 46 when he became president.

You have to want to become president if you want to become vice president. A vice president is, by definition, someone who will be president should someth…