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Coke Is It?


Donald Trump Is Into Real Estate

You can't get too rich doing real estate. To get really rich, you have to go into high tech. Too late, Trump.

Too Big Defense Budget


ब्रिटेन का Cyber Colonization संभव है

शशी ठरूर जी के भाषण के बाद तो मेरा तो खुन खौल रहा है। मेरे को तो ये famine deaths के बारे में मालुम ही  नहीं था। मेरे को तो मालुम था अंग्रेजो ने और तो और खुद गांधी जी को फर्स्ट क्लास ट्रेन के डिब्बे से उतार दिया, बेइज्जती की, गांधी जी को बहुत बुरा लगा, और उन्होंने आजादी की ठान ली। ये चर्चिल तो हिटलर स्टालिन का बाप निकला। It is unconscionable.

ब्रिटेन का Cyber Colonization संभव है। सिर्फ प्रश्न ये उठता है कि किया जाए या नहीं किया जाए। ईमानदारी से पुछो तो I am very tempted. लेकिन temptation एक चीज होती है, करना ना करना अलग।

लेकिन भारत को २०५० तक में २४० ट्रिलियन डॉलर वाली अर्थतंत्र बन जानी चाहिए, इसमें तो कोइ confusion नहीं है। सब लोकतंत्र एक जैसे नहीं होते। लोकतंत्र के जो basic values होते हैं जैसे कि free speech और diversity. बेलायत तो बेलायत खुद अमरिका से प्रतिस्प्रधा करना है भारत को तो प्रतिस्प्रधा वहाँ पर है। भारत को अमरिका को surpass करना है तो अमरिका में कालों के साथ जो सुलुक होता है वैसा भारत में मुसलमान के साथ नहीं होनी चाहिए। मुसलमान को प्रत्येक तह पर involve करो। Housing से ल…

18% Growth Rate For Bihar?

That is mind blowing. An 18% growth rate is mind blowing. कौन से घाट का पानी पीते हैं नीतिश? उस पानी को bottling करो।

अमरिका बेलायत ने कभी ४-५% से ज्यादा किया नहीं। वही है कि दशकों तक ४-५% करते रहो तो बहुत हो जाता है। तो जब चीन ने १०% करना शुरू किया तो पहला रिएक्शन था, "चीनके बन्दर, हम ने तो कभी ५% से ज्यादा किया नहीं और ये कह रहे हैं हम १०% कर रहे हैं? जरूर झुठ बोल रहे होंगे।"

१८% ---- ये तो बौखला देने वाली नम्बर है।

लालु ने जब रेलवे में बम्पर मुनाफा दिखाया तो लोग बौखला गए थे, पश्चिमी देश के लोग कहने लगे, "ये कौन सा मॉडल है? हमारे किताबों में कहीं है ही नहीं।" कि इतना बड़ा फ़ौज है भारतीय रेलवे के पास। कमसेकम ३ लाख लोग तो काम कर ही रहे होंगे भारतीय रेलवे के लिए। वर्षों से, दशकों से पश्चिमी देश के लोग रिपोर्ट पर रिपोर्ट लिख रहे थे, सुझाव दे रहे थे, कि भारतीय रेलवे को मुनाफे में ले जाना है तो कंटनी छंटनी करो। Downsizing करो। लोगों को नौकरी से दफा करो। तो लालु ने वैसा कुछ किया नहीं, "I am a man of the people" कहते रह गए। तो किसी को कोइ होप नहीं था कि कुछ होगा…

Modi In Muzaffarpur


FDR = Keynesian, Barack Obama = Kenyan


Defense Budget: Too Big


FDR Was No Keynesian

John Maynard Keynes Русский: Джон Мейнард Кейнс Türkçe: John Maynard Keynes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)John Maynard Keynes and FDR were contemporaries. Keynes, of course, fathered macroeconomics. FDR fathered what is known as the New Deal. But the real stimulus was World War II itself. FDR was not someone who had read up on Keynes, and then got into office and applied the ideas. He did the New Deal based on his political instincts. His populist impulse was massive deficit spending in the face of a huge recession. And it worked.

What I call globoeconomics, I have been calling since 2008, I don't have the economics/finance background to put a theoretical spin to, but the political part of it is fairly obvious. Here too perhaps the dog can wag the tail. You build a genuine world government, and globoeconomics will flow out of it.

Defense Budget: Too Big
The 4%
A Fan Of Israel
Guns Are Insanity
Shashi Tharoor: Impressive Speech At Oxford
लालु यादव: मौसम वैज्ञानिक
Climate Change Is For Real

Barack Obama In Kenya

Obama's 'homecoming' to Kenya highlights economic boom
Better stocktaking methods and new software have helped cut delivery times to supermarkets from two weeks to two days and sales have grown by 50 percent ..... Obama's visit reveals Washington's desire to fix ties with Kenya - East Africa's top economy and a partner in the fight against religious radicals - after they slumped while President Uhuru Kenyatta faced international charges of crimes against humanity. ....... Obama also faces pressure from rights organisations to use his popularity to address Kenya's problems with corruption, media freedom, and the battle against militants from Somalia's al-Shabab group, who have spilled blood in a shopping mall, a university campus among other targets. ...... bullish about Kenya's economy, which grew by 4.9 percent in the first quarter of 2015. It is one of the world's fastest-growing markets and part of a long-term expansion across sub-Saharan Afri…

If Donald Trump Runs As An Independent

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) If he manages to lose the Republican nomination, and then decides to run as an Independent, The Donald is going to give Jeb Bush a run for his money. For the first time an Independent might collect more votes than a party candidate. The thing about running as an Independent is you don't have to be part of debates, you don't have to master the issues, you can just give speeches and make lightweight media appearances.

The Donald has been seen uncomfortable with question answer sessions. As in, why me?

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नरेन्द्र मोदी और "काला धन"

English: Logo of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Category:Goldman Sachs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Tax havens: Super-rich 'hiding' at least $21tn
A global super-rich elite had at least $21 trillion (£13tn) hidden in secret tax havens by the end of 2010, according to a major study....... The figure is equivalent to the size of the US and Japanese economies combined....... his $21tn is actually a conservative figure and the true scale could be $32tn. A trillion is 1,000 billion. ....... His study deals only with financial wealth deposited in bank and investment accounts, and not other assets such as property and yachts. ..... the super-rich move money around the globe through an "industrious bevy of professional enablers in private banking, legal, accounting and investment industries. ...... "The lost tax revenues implied by our estimates is huge. It is large enough to make a significant difference to the finances of many countries. ...... "From another angle, this st…

The 4%

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) First Donald Trump started going after Mexicans (and never stopped). Then Jeb Bush said people should work longer hours if they want more money. Now Hillary said something about black guys in hoodies (like Mark Zuckerberg?) being scary.

This is not a good sign. The leading people running to be America's next President don't feel it is possible to take America back to a 4% growth rate. They are feeling the squeeze. The problem is nothing new. It all goes back to 2008.

Economists did not see the Great Recession coming. And once it hit, they did not have remedies. You can't keep at zero interest rates. Because if another recession hits, you have nothing left to throw at it.

My diagnosis back in 2008 was, just like the Great Depression added macroeconomics to the arsenal, before that there was only microeconomics, now was the time to add a new layer on the top, called globoeconomics. Did not ha…