Political Reform For China

China is a one party state. It is a wounded civilization. How would you feel if you were Mayor of town generation after generation, and suddenly they conspire against you make you the town janitor? China is the emperor who is no longer the emperor in the movie The Last Emperor, or at least was until about 1990. Now the Mayor is back in town.

China is an ancient civilization and you have to respect that if you want to deal with it.

So it is a matter of pride. China is not about to become a multi-party democracy where the communist party is no longer above the state. But there still is need for political reform.

One idea would be that the communist party would select two people for every office, be it Mayor or Governor, or President, and the people, through adult franchise, would vote and pick one of the two. Both candidates would get equivalent funds from the party for campaigning.

This would be bold, this would retain the one party state, this would be a major, visible move.

Another, my favorite, is, Mr. Xi, "tear down this wall" you have wrapped around the Internet.

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