China: A Complex Picture

  • A black guy is in the White House occupying the most powerful political office on the planet and can still be at the receiving end of racism. What is the solution to that? The only way the African Americans are lo longer a sorry lot in America is if Africa does the China thing. Africa needs to become an economic powerhouse. Africa needs to attempt a political, economic union, or at least a free trade area. 
  • China has lifted more people out of poverty than any power in history. I would want India and Africa to emulate that. 
  • China grew at double digit growth rates for 30 years. That is mind blowing. I want to know how. I want to learn. 
  • China has campaign finance reform. America needs campaign finance reform. 

  • The only way China can now go back to double digit growth rates is if it engages in fundamental political reform. China still is only one fourth the size of America measured by per capita income. It needs to grow at double digit rates for another 20 years before it relaxes a bit. 
  • The only way China can truly integrate Taiwan and Tibet is if it goes federal. 
  • You can not dream up the industries of tomorrow if you do not celebrate free speech. It is only a matter of time before the Internet is beamed down from the skies, and then your virtual Great Wall will fall like a house of cards. 
  • Don't exacerbate ethnic tensions in places like Sri Lanka and Burma, or India will come after you with everything it's got. 
  • If the Dalai Lama wants to visit Tibet, he should be allowed to visit Tibet. Anyone or any power who thinks otherwise is wrong in the head. 

  • China engaging in fundamental political reform paves the way for China becoming a true global power
  • China could lead the way on things like boundless clean energy and global bullet trains. But only political reforms will give it an image makeover to make big moves possible. 
  • True leaders are not bullies. 


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