Barack Obama And Africa

Barack Obama has been a successful president by any measure. But one place where he has missed the mark is in actively being the first black president.

The African American salvation does not lie in America. It lies in Africa. Unless the continent of Africa does what China has done, the African Americans will continue to be a sorry lot inside this country. It is sad that a black man can be in the White House, supposedly the most powerful office on the planet, and apparently be helplessly at the receiving end of the most open, the most stupid, the most crude racist attacks by the white guys in the US Senate. The whole world is watching. The message to black America can NOT be, racism is just reality, just put up with it. That defeats the purpose of putting a black guy in the White House.

Barack Obama can do much to help the continent of Africa try and achieve China like, and now India like, economic strides. He has not done much at all.

You are not white. You are black. Let Africa see that.