Guns Are Insanity

And, no, I don't understand hunting either. Why can't you shoot with your camera? Why can't you take pictures? Your "over my dead finger" is killing living, breathing creatures. For fun? Have you tried jogging? Or is that too hard for you? Have you tried baseball? What? You are overweight?

It is not like you can use guns to kill, but also as toothpicks. Guns are not dual purpose agricultural tools. Guns only kill. They have no other purpose.

Guns make America insane. This is a classic case of follow the money. People manufacture guns because they make money doing so.

Imagine a primitive person, the dumbest, stupidest, most racist, sexist, homophobic retard on the block. One day he wins a lottery and becomes a millionaire. He has not changed. He is now just a million dollar dumbfuck. For someone like me who grew up outside America, this country feels that way. And it is because of the insane gun laws. It feels like this is a dumbfuck rich country. Primitive on the inside.

Guns are worse than cocaine, and they are legal. American guns fuel all civil wars across the globe. American gun companies need to be taken to The Hague.

After gay marriage, the next stop is guns. And Barack Obama just might pull it off. The lame duck president is an attitude. It does not actually exist. You have all your powers until the last hour of the last day. And you might as well use it.

Take out cocaine, but also take out guns from the inner cities. Guns kill people like terrorists don't even fantasize about. Terrorism is at home, and it is well and alive, and it is legal.

America should be able to afford sane gun laws.

There is a need for a single issue organization, perhaps called Mothers Who Lost Their Sons To Guns, that will outorganize the NRA, dollar for dollar, word for word, ad for ad.

No, you don't have a, should not have a right to bear arms, any more than you have a right to eat human flesh. Your primitive ancestors put it in there just like they put slavery in there. You got rid of slavery, now get rid of the right to bear arms. Grow up.

I demand a constitutional amendment. I want the civil wars across the world to stop. I am a global citizen. Go make your money some other way. Sell hamburgers or something.

Barack Obama says failure to change gun laws his 'biggest frustration'
"If you look at the number of Americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it's less than 100. If you look at the number that have been killed by gun violence, it's in the tens of thousands," he told BBC.