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Obama Is Going To Have To Jump Into The Fray

Bill Clinton has been busy. You really have to watch that guy, because he thinks he is the Isaac Newton of politics, and he suggests as much in his autobiography. There is this reference to the Clinton's Laws Of Politics. One of them is, elections are always about the future. And that particular law works in Obama's favor. It does not matter that Bill Clinton was an amazing president, that is in the past. 2008 is not going to be about how fabulous a president Bill Clinton was.

How does Bill Clinton get busy? The guy will plain pick up the phone, likely late at night.And he will call up some obscure reporter at some major media outlet, someone he has not talked in a long time. Hey, how you doing? Just thinking about you. How is your wife? How are your children? And so you know this is off the record. This is informal. And then he will dig in. You know, I don't understand why you media guys are not seeing this. Barack Obama and my wife have the exact same voting record on Ira…

Barack: The Magic Presidential Candidate

Racism from FOX can be expected, that is racism from the right. But racism from the center and the left also has to be expected. That is where America as a country is today. Barack Obama promises to be Race 2.0. Racism still exists, but in a post-racism environment, race still matters. Identity never goes away, it is never supposed to go away. Racism can be outright, vicious, shameless. But it can also be sophisticated, it can also pass for progressive thinking, like the title of this article below. And you thought the word "negro" had been retired. We have been talking of African Americans for decades now.

The only thing Obama is running for is President Of The United States. He has a magic touch to retail politics, kind of like Bill Clinton, who fought his own Southern demons.

Obama has a past going back hundreds of years, and he proudly claims so. He talks of his grandfather being a "houseboy to the British .... so don't tell me I am not coming home when I am comin…

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Edwards to Continue ’08 Bid Despite Wife’s Cancer New York Times He said he and his wife recognized that it was no longer curable, though it could be managed with treatment. ..... meta-static, or stage four, breast cancer, meaning that it is an advanced stage that has spread beyond the breast and lymph nodes to other organs ...... 26.1 percent of patients with stage four cancer live five years or more. ....... Mr. Obama, whose mother died of breast cancer more than a decade ago ..... Mrs. Edwards received her original diagnosis of breast cancer at the end of the 2004 campaign, but deferred a public announcement until after the election results came in. Mr. Edwards has said he waited to announce a second bid for the presidency until he and Mrs. Edwards’s doctors were confident about her recovery. ..... he is leading in some early polls in Iowa ..... He has proposed an ambitious and expensive plan for universal health care. He would pay for the $90 billion to $120 billion hea…