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Countering The Neocons: Progressives Will Have To Get Proactive

There are things I agree with when it comes to the neocons. The day 9/11 happened, I said this is the beginning of something of the same magnitude as the Cold War. This is not an incident, this is an era.

But I have vehemently opposed the prescription. These right wingers are racist people who don't mind killing tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi people.

The progressives have also disappointed. Their anti-war position oftentimes sounds like they were saying Saddam should still have been in power. They want to end the war and withdraw.

Having an anti-war stance is not enough. We have to offer an alternative. We have to be able to say, you spent $500 billion in Iraq to topple Saddam, we are going to spend 1% of that money, and topple Mugabe, and we will do it in less than a year from now. Or maybe 0.1% of the money. $500 million will be enough. Or maybe 0.01% for $50 million.

Give me a million strong Matrix in New York City, and I see a total spread of democracy by 2020. I have not man…

South Carolina Debate

Long Walk To Freedom: Just A Third World Guy Dazzled By The City

मेरो अाइसी (IC) कम्पनी ज्योितकनेक्ट

This past Friday evening, I proceeded to walk from Little Bangladesh, where I live, all the way to Jackson Heights. Little Bangladesh is south of Prospect Park. Now that park itself is quite walkey, you can walk around it, you can walk inside it. I love to walk. It is my favorite form of exercise. With other forms of exercise, it is like you have to suspend the process of thinking. Walking is thinking on steroids. No need to warm up or warm down. And the scenery changes.

Little Bangladesh is mini Jackson Heights. You can do all the Desi grocery shopping you want here.

New York City is the most diverse place on earth. Queens is the most diverse borough and where almost all my fellow Nepalis live, my comrades from the April Revolution. Jackson Heights in the most diverse locality in Queens.

I am thinking I am going to have my company's global headquarters in Jackson Heights. J for JyotiConnect, J for Jackson Heights. (Entrepreneurs: Spikes)

I have walk…

Obama Economic Plan

End the Iraq War.
Raise taxes a few points on the top 1%. Balance the budget.
Bush has been so reckless financially, he has made America look like the Roman Empire before its fall. All those who earned the Nobel Prize for Economics are on one side, Bush is on the other side. He has defied the basic wisdom. This is dumb and getting dumberer.

Bush has created such havoc on the country's finances the next President of the United States who might balance the budget just might qualify for the Nobel Prize for Economics. When the national budget goes as off the radar screen as has under Bush, interest rates go up on all sorts of things like student loans. What you get in ill-conceived tax cuts, you more than give away in raised interest rates.

Like Howard Dean famously asked in 2004: "What tax cuts?"

Besides balancing the budget, the most important thing to do is to prepare the country and the world for a full blown information age.
Universal health. (Health Care As A Spectrum)