South Carolina Debate

Democratic Debate for 2008 Presidency SCSU part 1 of 9
Democratic Debate for 2008 Presidency SCSU part 2 of 9
Democratic Debate for 2008 Presidency SCSU part 3 of 9
Democratic Debate for 2008 Presidency SCSU part 4 of 9
Democratic Debate for 2008 Presidency SCSU part 5 of 9
Democratic Debate for 2008 Presidency SCSU part 6 of 9
Democratic Debate for 2008 Presidency SCSU part 7 of 9
Democratic Debate for 2008 Presidency SCSU part 8 of 9
Democratic Debate for 2008 Presidency SCSU part 9 of 9

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Your Next President @ MySpace PC World The new show, called Independent, will be something like American Idol for politics.
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Barack Obama Fires Back at Rudy Giuliani for Terrorist Comment My Fox Rudy Giuliani today has taken the politics of fear to a new low ...... We know we can win this war based on shared purpose, not the same divisive politics that question your patriotism if you dare to question failed policies that have made us less secure. ..... In 2004, President Bush was re-elected after claiming that Democratic Sen. John Kerry would waver in the face of terrorist threats. Vice President Dick Cheney suggested a vote for Kerry would risk another terrorist attack.
It's 20 lightyears away - but still close to Earth New Zealand Herald Scientists have discovered a planet not much bigger than Earth that could be covered in oceans and has the right temperature to support life - and it is only 20.5 lightyears away. ....... Its "year" lasts only 13 days because it is 14 times closer to its star ...... surface temperatures would be between zero and 40C - just right for oceans to have formed and life to have begun. ...... Any living creatures on it would need thick bones and sturdy legs, because they would be twice as heavy as on Earth. ...... "There are caveats, one being that the environment around a red dwarf is very full of radiation. ...... They employed a method that looks for the "wobble" on a star caused by the gravity of a large object orbiting it. By measuring the wobble motion, astronomers can calculate a planet's orbit and mass.
Obama lays siege to Clinton's black support on home patch New Zealand Herald Obama is laying siege to the black support in New York state that Hillary Clinton used to be able to take for granted. ...... About one in five Democrats who vote on primary day in New York next February will be black .... a new poll on Tuesday showed him dead even with her nationally for the first time. ....... Obama appears to be stirring ethnic pride and excitement ...... His presence as a legitimate politician at a national level brings a certain pride. ....... Dismissing reports of a mass desertion is Congressman Charles Rangel, the most senior black elected official in the state, who is working hard to bolster Clinton's position. "I don't know Obama supporters in New York."
Obama pulls even with Hillary Clinton Blogger News Network
Clinton loses black leaders to Obama a "significant number" of black officials who had been seen as firmly in the Clinton camp have said they are now "undecided" because they are "impressed with the strength of Mr Obama's campaign in recent weeks". ...... This shift has occurred despite Mr Obama doing almost no campaigning in New York.
Obama Team Sees South Carolina as Key to Victory U.S. News & World Report
Carl Bernstein Writes Hilary Clinton Bio Post Chronicle Carl Bernstein's stunning portrait shows us, for the first time, the true trajectory of her life and career,'' Sonny Mehta ...... the Pulitzer Prize-winning series of articles on the Watergate scandal that helped bring down President Nixon. ...... such best sellers as Plan of Attack and State of Denial becoming must-reads for Washington gossip. ..... Clinton's ``complex relationship with her disciplinarian father'' to ``her courtship with Bill Clinton and the amazing dynamic of their marriage, during the most trying of circumstances and times. ...... her own political brilliance and blind spots .... Bernstein worked eight years on the book and ``interviewed more than 200 people ....... ``Bernstein reaches conclusions that stand in opposition to what Sen. Clinton has said in the past and has written in the past' ....... The new book will arrive two months before another scheduled Clinton biography, Her Way, by New York Times reporters Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr.
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Dow Bursts Through 13000
New York Times that it would spend $15 billion more to buy back its own shares or the $25 billion buyout of Sallie Mae by private equity firms and two big banks. ...... the announcement earlier this week by I.B.M.“There is a lot of money sloshing around,” said James Dunnigan, chief investment officer for the wealth management business of PNC ....... problems in the mortgage business have been limited to loans that were made to people with weak, or subprime, credit ..... most of the money that has poured into the market in recent years has come from institutional investors, rather than individuals........ “The whole rally here has been driven by institutional investors and companies themselves doing share buybacks” ....... international stocks, which have outstripped their American peers in part because the dollar has lost ground against the euro and British pound. ...... A $1 change in a stock like 3M that trades at about $76 a share has the same effect on the index as a $1 rise in Microsoft that trades at about $28, even though Microsoft’s market value is about five times that of 3M.
Oil Worker Deaths a Wake Up Call for Globalizing China Washington Post