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This Election Is About Body Language, Not Policy

I finally figured it out. I have been running around like a headless chicken trying to counter Trump on policy. But that has been a fool's errand. This election is not about policy. Trump has no policy proposals whatsoever. Tax cuts for the rich is not policy. It is the natural order of things. The rich are called rich for a reason. All money is their money. We are to merely borrow some once in a while.Trump is a coward. He is so scared of ISIS he is hiding all his policy proposals under his mattress, to be revealed at some midnight hour at a much later date, while ISIS sleeps with the fishes. It is rumored there is an urban renewal proposal under his mattress.So if this election is not about policy. It hit me after a few days of the first debate. Duh! It has been about body language all along.For example, when Trump sniffs like he was sniffing coke (scariface) how do you feel? If you are Cuban you might even take pride in it.When Trump (Da Man) interrupts Hillary (That Woman) eve…

Blatant Sexism

“I think you don’t realize the emotional cost of every single day, twice a day, being in rooms where the norm has become people shouting out, ‘Hang the bitch,’ ‘Kill her,’ ‘Cunt,’” the second reporter said. “You shouldn’t be at the point where you hear ‘Cunt’ and you think, Oh, they’re angry at Hillary, or you hear ‘Bitch,’ and you’re like, Oh, they’re talking about our former secretary of State.”

Trump Is A Convinced, Dedicated White Supremacist

Donald Trump is a convinced, dedicated white supremacist. He has lost 800 million dollars in wealth because he is running for president. The foot traffic at his hotels is down. But he does not care.A white supremacist is not a Christian. A white supremacist is not into God. This is not about language or culture or religion or per capita income. It is not rational. It is a dedication to evil.All human beings have been created equal by the Creator. If you don't believe that you are not a Christian.

Russian Cyber Offensive And Trump's 400 Pound Man

The most pessimistic Kremlin watchers worry how far Putin will go with the combination of psychological manipulation and cyberwarfare. They view the pattern of Russia’s electoral meddling in the context of Putin’s recent embrace of what is known as the Gerasimov doctrine, a nontraditional approach to military conflict named after the chief of the Russian general staff, Valery Gerasimov, that relies heavily on cyberwar and influence operations. “A perfectly thriving state can, in a matter of months and even days, be transformed into an arena of fierce armed conflict,” Gerasimov posited in a now famous 2013 manifesto, through “political, economic, informational, humanitarian and other nonmilitary measures applied in coordination with the protest potential of the population.”the Russians understand that the real power of this domain is in influence operations, psychological warfare, changing people’s perceptions of what’s truly going on.”As results came in on election night in 2012, he f…

Trump Lied About Income

The bombastic Republican presidential candidate said on Monday night that his FEC filing showed income of $694 million for the past year. It doesn’t, because in the document he freely mixed revenue with income, and it covers a period of 17 months.This Fifth Avenue glass skyscraper signaled Trump’s arrival as a proper Manhattan mogul. But the contractor he hired in 1980 to demolish the existing Bonwit Teller department store allegedly used a small army of undocumented Polish laborers, who were paid off the books when paid at all, to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trump spent years in court battling a ruling that he was involved in the scheme before reaching a confidential settlement in 1999. He still denies wrongdoing. Trump bought two buildings overlooking Central Park in 1981, hoping to demolish them to make way for a new skyscraper. But first he had to get rid of dozens of rent-controlled tenants in Trump Parc East (the other was a hotel). According to court filings, residents …

Trump Wanting To Surprise ISIS

Donald Trump will not reveal his strategy to deal with ISIS because, as per him, that will take away the element of surprise. What is troubling is he seems to want to surprise ISIS on all policy issues except one. His only coherent policy proposal is he wants yuge tax cuts for the rich. On everything else, on infrastructure, on education, on his wall, on North Korea, on inner cities, on everything else he would like to surprise ISIS. There is nothing from him. No policy proposals, nothing. Just trust me. I alone can fix it. This dude has turned fascism into a caricature. I can imagine Hitler and Mussolini turning in their graves.


On the debate stage I saw Hillary Clinton. I also saw a guy who was pouting. Who was that?


People’s beliefs about truthfulness and credibility, like those about leadership and competence, are structured around gender roles – who they think men and women should act - and what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. many voter’s belief that a “powerful woman” is not only an oxymoron but a serious danger to the nation.In a society that is structured, both micro and macroscopically by gender binaries, segmentation and stereotypes, how can people reconcile the office of the presidency, not only with a woman, but with a woman who works and doesn’t smile on cue, has a high voice and is intensely private and resilient? Trump’s main qualification appears to be that he’s a dangerously overconfident wealthy white man with opinions. By virtually any measure, he is horribly unprepared to be the leader of the country.
............ Her candidacy is not only a challenge to Trump’s, but to deeply held beliefs about men’s and women’s roles and relative status. Regardless of what peopl…

Trump Would Not Be First

How did Adolf Hitler — described by one eminent magazine editor in 1930 as a “half-insane rascal,” a “pathetic dunderhead,” a “nowhere fool,” a “big mouth” — rise to power in the land of Goethe and Beethoven? What persuaded millions of ordinary Germans to embrace him and his doctrine of hatred? How did this “most unlikely pretender to high state office” achieve absolute power in a once democratic country and set it on a course of monstrous horror?Hitler was often described as an egomaniac who “only loved himself” — a narcissist with a taste for self-dramatization and what Mr. Ullrich calls a “characteristic fondness for superlatives.” His manic speeches and penchant for taking all-or-nothing risks raised questions about his capacity for self-control, even his sanity.A former finance minister wrote that Hitler “was so thoroughly untruthful that he could no longer recognize the difference between lies and truth” and editors of one edition of “Mein Kampf” described it as a “swamp of lies…

Why Is Trump Even Running?

At some level Donald Trump must have known all along he simply is not presidential material. So why is he running? Maybe he is sadomasochistic, besides being a sociopath. He likes being the butt of jokes.

First Debate: My Reactions

I once watched Trump speak for 40 minutes in Arkansas (on YouTube), but that was a few weeks after he announced he was running. No one had voted yet. I was surprised he was even running.After that I have not watched any of his speeches, none of his primary debates. I have never owned a TV. I read news online. I was flabbergasted at what I saw. What do they teach at Wharton? This guy's views on trade are identical to his views on climate change. It is like he needs a refresher course on the first few chapters of an Economics textbook.If America does what Trump wants done on trade, which is basically to walk away from everyone, America is Greece in 10 years. This guy wants to engineer a titanic collapse. Why is he so mad at America?America is transforming. The world is transforming. Thank God for China or the Great Recession would have been a Great Depression. It feels like Trump is mad there are now skyscrapers in Malaysia. Heck, they are everywhere. He would like to go back to an …

Never Trump

Debate Tips From Time

Your tone should be confident and prosecutorial, and your case is to prove that Trump is unfit for public office. But please don’t say it. Prove it. Your mission is to demonstrate that every time he talks on the global stage, his words could defile the office, embarrass the country and, yes, even provoke a war. Our polling couldn’t be clearer: If the election is a referendum on Trump, you win.Remember this as he tries again and again to get under your skin: Trump is the most disliked candidate in modern history. Put him on trial. Rattle him. When he is challenged, he hits back. He loses control. He says dumb stuff. So push his buttons and compel him to reveal to the world that he is not qualified for the job.

"In the hostel they laugh like tractors"

America: Laughing Stock Of The World

Donald Trump has turned America into the laughing stock of the world, and he is not even president yet. I wonder how much more he could do as president. Within 18 months of the start of a Trump presidency America will see a recession comparable to the one in 2008. The Fed has less room to play right now, that's why. President Donald Trump I will start work on the wall. President Donald Trump IV will finish the work, I am confident. It might take a few generations but the Trumps will get it done. Rome was not built in a day. By the time Trump is done with his presidency in 2020 the world will see somewhere between 20 and 30 new nuclear powers. A record number of Russian oligarchs will buy real estate from Trump Inc. Trump University will see a second life without any change in business practices. America will have become the fourth largest economy in the world, still ahead of a comfortable number of economies, ahead of over 190.And America will have become great again by reclaiming…

What Cruz Did Is Capitulation, Not Forgiveness

Donald Trump insulting Ted Cruz' family was not a one off unintentional mistake. That was one small insignificant symptom of the disease called Trump 2016. Trump, if anything, has doubled down on his ideology of hate. Trump does not have issues with one family, that of Ted Cruz. Trump hates the guts of every family that looks like the family of Ted Cruz. He has never repented, he has never backtracked. If anything he is even more fervently trying to change the hate into public policy or, barring that, public chaos.Ted Cruz did not even forgive. What Ted Cruz did was he read the poll numbers. He saw the polls tightening and figured, what the heck. Let Trump be Trump. Who cares about family!Forgiveness is not about putting up with evil. Donald Trump is evil. God seeks for human beings to fight evil with everything they have got. Ted Cruz just surrendered.You don't forgive Hitler after he just took Poland. Trump is a fascist clown. He has to be countered at every turn. You confro…

Kashmiris Should Be Treated Like Citizens

I have been surprised by the developments in Kashmir. How did it start? How did it escalate? How did it get so out of hand? This has been unfortunate.Where does Kashmir belong, in India or Pakistan, is a stupid question in this day and age. Kashmir belongs in a democracy, that is where Kashmir belongs. If Pakistan is a democracy, Kashmir belongs in Pakistan. If India is a democracy, Kashmir belongs in India. And if both India and Pakistan are democracies it is not a problem that half of Kashmir is in India and half is in Pakistan. As long as democracy can be taken to every Kashmiri, it is okay for Kashmir to be in two countries.The Madhesh of Nepal was 100% a part of India during the Mughal era. But today Madhesh, that looks exactly like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, is in Nepal, and there is an open border. That should be the model not only for all of South Asia but for the whole world ultimately. The Nepal India border is the most cutting edge political border in the world.The Indian gov…

The Whole World Is Laughing At America

The entire planet is laughing at America because of Donald Trump.

New York Times Endorsement

Hillary Clinton for PresidentThe next president will take office with bigoted, tribalist movements and their leaders on the march. In the Middle East and across Asia, in Russia and Eastern Europe, even in Britain and the United States, war, terrorism and the pressures of globalization are eroding democratic values, fraying alliances and challenging the ideals of tolerance and charity.

Trump Is Going To Grunt Through The Debates

That is what the leading primatologist has said.

A Challenge To Donald

Donald, I would like to challenge you to a game of chess.

Donald Trump Is Absolutely Dumb

Let's name a neighborhood in Brooklyn after him. Wait, it already exists. Dumbo. Donald. I would like to sell you this bridge on the East River, and if you buy, I will name an adjacent neighborhood after you, just for the takes. What say you? The guy is so thick in the head, it is unbelievable. His wealth only amplifies it.

Hillary And Security

Hillary Clinton Has the Best Solution to Homegrown TerrorismAnd some may object that taking a social work and therapeutic approach to potential terrorists is too soft an approach. But such efforts have shown sustained value in similar efforts to deal with the far more pervasive phenomenon of gangs and gang violence.

65% Death Tax Is Key

Hillary's proposal of the 65% death tax is key. You are supposed to give away half your wealth when you die. You do not for the country or humanity but for your children. It is good for your children. Otherwise you end up with lazy, fast food maniac, ignorant children. If Donald Trump's father had given away half his wealth when he died, this would have never happened. The country would not have had to suffer this walking talking ignorance of a presidential candidate. America would not have become a joke in the world.Yes, that applies to if you have created a company. If Sam Walton wanted to pass his company to his children, he could still have passed on 35% of it. Owning 35% of Walmart is still a lot. The company would not only have thrived, it would have thrived better.But for this you need a landslide victory. You need to take the White House, the Senate and the House.Besides, We The People could use the money.

Only One Sane Choice

The Enquirer has supported Republicans for president for almost a century – a tradition this editorial board doesn’t take lightly. But this is not a traditional race, and these are not traditional times. Our country needs calm, thoughtful leadership to deal with the challenges we face at home and abroad. We need a leader who will bring out the best in all Americans, not the worst.That’s why there is only one choice when we elect a president in November: Hillary Clinton.Do we really want someone in charge of our military and nuclear codes who has an impulse control problem? The fact that so many top military and national security officials are not supporting Trump speaks volumes.This editorial board has been consistent in its criticism of his policies and temperament beginning with the Republican primary. We've condemned his childish insults; offensive remarks to women, Hispanics and African-Americans; and the way he has played on many Americans' fears and prejudices to further…

Trump And Nukes

A majority of voters say Donald Trump would allow the U.S. to default on its debt and that he would misuse the power of the presidency to punish his political opponents.And nearly half of voters — 46 percent — say the GOP nominee would use a nuclear weapon to attack ISIS or another foreign enemy.Sixty-five percent said that there would be race riots in major cities during a Trump administration, and 44 percent believe Trump would authorize internment camps for illegal immigrants.

Trump 2016 Is A Scam

Trump University was shut down by the Justice Department because it was a scam.The Justice Department should fulfill its constitutional obligation and shut down Trump 2016 which is a much bigger scam.Trump 2016 has been selling a 25 billion dollar wall that will never materialize. The sponsor of the wall has backed out big time. And Trump 2016 is selling a 600 billion dollar round up and deport everyone plan that is pie in the sky. Trump University scams never were so grand.And if the Justice Department will not act, I threaten to sell off the Brooklyn Bridge. How would you like a few Trump Towers with that?

How To Win The Debate

Hillary 2016 pulled a master stroke of a party convention. Getting this Trump guy off balance was rather easy to do. Putting a Gold Star Muslim family on national stage is all it took.That is how the debates will be won. By throwing this guy off balance. This dude would be a perfect opponent to have in jujitsu, where the idea is to use your opponent's force and momentum against him. You are dealing with a primate here."Man up, Donald!""You would like to sell the American people a wall and I would like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.""Rape is a sex crime, but you wouldn't know that, would you?""No soccer, no Brazil. No immigration, no America.""Why have you not released your tax forms? How much in Russian money are you hiding?""Trump Foundation buys paintings of Donald Trump, and you want to talk about the Clinton Foundation that beats the American Red Cross in ratings?""When was the last time you sent an email? …

Looks Like An Orangutan, Acts Like A Chimpanzee

If America elects Donald Trump president, America can go back to being the North American power it once was. India will step in. China will step in. In 10 years Africa will step in. Mexico will take Texas, then you will no longer have "immigration issues."You can not claim you are the leading country and act like America is an island. People running for president regardless of party will have to respect the world. I don't know if this guy is an orangutan or a chimpanzee, he looks orange like an orangutan and beats his chest like a chimpanzee, so it's confusing, but this guy has been giving non white kids across the globe self esteem issues for a full year now. This pig person has been giving serious self esteem issues to young girls across America and across the world. The guy is a total pig. He is a total foul mouth and he is not going to get away with it.This will not stand.There can be legitimate philosophical and ideological differences. Differences in knowledge …


Here's Why Donald Trump Is More Right About Immigration Than You ThinkIf you are right you have been right throughout American history. Chris Matthews has been pretending to be a liberal, but he is just another white male.

Trump Win?

"The Keys to the White House" is a historically based prediction system. I derived the system by looking at every American presidential election from 1860 to 1980, and have since used the system to correctly predict the outcomes of all eight American presidential elections from 1984 to 2012."Donald Trump has made this the most difficult election to assess since 1984. We have never before seen a candidate like Donald Trump, and Donald Trump may well break patterns of history that have held since 1860.We've never before seen a candidate who's spent his life enriching himself at the expense of others. He's the first candidate in our history to be a serial fabricator, making up things as he goes along. Even when he tells the truth, such as, "Barack Obama really was born in the U.S.," he adds two lines, that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement, and that he finished it, even though when Barack Obama put out his birth certificate, he didn't b…


“He is a charismatic guy, likes the attention, and will certainly not be intimidated by the bright lights and lots of people watching, he’ll probably thrive on it,” DuHaime, the Christie aide, said.

Back In The Lead

Hillary Clinton has wrested back a clear advantage in polls over Donald Trump just days before their first critical debate.An NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll conducted this week — viewed by some election experts as the gold standard – found the Democrat leading Trump by six points nationally.Instead, Trump’s recent polling strength appears to have energized Clinton’s supporters, who now match Trump’s supporters in enthusiasm. And Clinton’s ace-in-the-hole is a battleground map that will require Trump to draw a near-perfect hand.

Police And The Poor

These police murders are symptomatic of the racism structurally embedded in America, the responsibility of which bears no exemption for anyone who lives in this country, especially white Americans, Republican and Democrat, north and south. The innocent lives taken at the hands of the police are not merely a problem of the black community, or recurring anomalies in different police departments, but an issue that faces the entire country and its inability to understand the magnitude of historical and contemporary prejudices that affect our society.

Trump Rhetoric Incites Election Violence

 “This could start to shift into a law-and-order thing that favors Trump and Republicans.”

Trump’s World

This dude is incoherent. And, hence, dangerous. There is an utter lack of curiosity.
On foreign policy, Trump is the worst of all worldsTrump is a real-estate developer who takes any domestic terrorist attack — whatever the actual circumstances — as confirmation of his views on a lax immigration system, as evidence of a law-enforcement system hobbled by political correctness and as cause for more aggressive profiling of Muslims, Arabs or whomever he is currently defining as the threat. Some of his followers seem particularly pleased when he edges toward declaring Islam itself to be the enemy. “Frankly,” Trump has said, “we’re having problems with the Muslims.”Trump has hardly distinguished himself in reacting to that conflict, fed by the radiating disorders of the Middle East. As the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) rose, the GOP nominee said, “That’s not our fight.” And: “Let Syria and ISIS fight. Why do we care?” And: “Let Russia fight ISIS, if they want to fight ’em.” But also: B…

Donald, There Is This Bridge On The East River

Donald. It has been relayed to me that you  would like to sell me a wall on the Mexican border. Be that as it may, there is this bridge on the East River I would like to sell you. I am a much more modest man in comparison to you.

Alt Right In Charge Of Trump 2016

They see themselves as a threat to the establishment, far bolder and edgier than Fox News.

Trump Is KKK

With his many appeals to nativism, bigotry, and bitter discontent, Donald Trump has enthralled far-right extremists with his campaign for president. According to an investigation by Mother Jones and the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute, since Trump officially announced his bid in June 2015 he has drawn effusive praise and formal backing from some of the country's most virulent neo-Nazis, white supremacists, militia supporters, and other extremist leaders. They include the head of the American Nazi Party, three former Ku Klux Klansmen, four people involved in a recent armed standoff against federal authorities at an Oregon wildlife refuge, and at least 15 individuals affiliated with organizations described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups.


President Trump?What was once unthinkable has now become only mildly improbable

Recent polls show her maintaining an edge in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Hampshire. But those states alone would leave her short of victory. With those in the bag, her easiest path to the presidency runs through Colorado, whose electorate is better-educated and more Hispanic than the national average. In July and August, her polling leads there ranged from five percentage points to 13. But the only survey taken of the state so far this month gave Mr Trump a four-point lead. If Mrs Clinton cannot hold on in the Centennial State, expect Mr Trump to be sworn in on January 20th.Democrats, as well as never-Trump Republicans and independents can only hope either that recent surveys misrepresent public opinion, that Mrs Clinton’s superior campaign infrastructure will enable her to outperform them or that the polls will eventually swing back in her direction. There is solid evidence to back …

Donald Trump Is A White White Collar Criminal

His business career, all of it, has been that of a white white collar criminal. Trump University was a fraud. This guy has been in the casino business. Someone told him that is where you go to bilk money. He has a long track record of outright refusing to pay small vendors. He has defrauded New York city voters of close to a billion dollars. He has taken money from New York city like New York City were his father. And now he is out to steal 25 billion dollars from all those who are clamoring for him. That is a conservative price estimate on the wall that will never exist. Selling the wall is worse than trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge. You have been had. Catch Donald If You Can. And, if you did not know, all those buildings with his name on them. He does not own them. His real estate career is like fake boxing you see on TV. He is not in the construction business. He only licenses out his last name. This guy is fake. This is a fraudster.

Debate Prep

Hillary should debate Trump’s manhood and cowardice
A developer of mostly mediocre properties who made a small fortune (very small) with his daddy's money. He has stiffed subcontractors and tenants, hired undocumented workers, went bankrupt on three casinos (hard to do).He was a reality TV performer, but when it hemorrhaged ratings, he jumped ship to run for president. He is the owner of a for-profit university that allegedly bilked students of millions, that was forced to close by the Justice Department and that is now facing trial for racketeering.Trump plays by no rules and she shouldn’t either. Example: Clinton should ask Trump why he is hiding his tax returns, then answer the question herself. “Don says he can’t release his tax returns because he is being audited. Well, Don, the IRS has said you can release your taxes, audit or no audit. You will be the first candidate for president in the modern era to hide his taxes. Even Richard Nixon released his taxes while under an audit…

Reality Is A Serious Casualty In This Campaign

Trump Ohio Campaign Chair: "There was no racism before Obama"

Trump: Buffoon

Her strength in this area perfectly matches Trump’s weakness. Trump has appeared to learn for the first time such basic information as that the Trans-Pacific Partnership doesn’t include China and that Russia has already invaded Ukraine on the debate stage or during a media interview. He sometimes reads his speeches as if they include revelations to him — “so true,” he’ll interject after coming across a striking fact or observation in the text.The one-on-one format for an hour-and-a-half could make his thin knowledge painfully obvious. And any misstep or outburst that reinforces the idea that he lacks the qualities to be commander in chief would be devastating.

Trump Foundation: True To Its Name

Tale of Two Charities: Trump’s Helps Trump While the Clintons’ Is the Real Deal.

Third World Has Come To America

Trump Campaign Pays Trump Businesses BigDonald Trump’s presidential campaign has paid his family'sbusinesses more than $8.2 million, according to a POLITICO analysis of campaign finance filings, which reveals an integrated business and political operation without precedent in national politics.In all, the Trump campaign’s payments to Trump-owned businesses account for about 7 percent of its $119 million spending total, the analysis found.Trump, on the other hand, appears to have structured his businessesin a way that lets the campaign use them without legal restriction. And he certainly doesn’t appear to feel any embarrassment about flouting political norms that typically compel candidates to distance themselves from their businesses during campaigns.Quite to the contrary, Trump has used the campaign itself as a marketing platform to promote everything from the difficult-to-find Trump Steaks to his golf courses and anew Washington hotel.Trump, who in 2000 predicted “I could be the…

She Is In A Bigger Harvard Test Room

I was taking a law school admissions test in a big classroom at Harvard. My friend and I were some of the only women in the room. I was feeling nervous. I was a senior in college. I wasn’t sure how well I’d do. And while we’re waiting for the exam to start, a group of men began to yell things like: ‘You don’t need to be here.’ And ‘There’s plenty else you can do.’ It turned into a real ‘pile on.’ One of them even said: ‘If you take my spot, I’ll get drafted, and I’ll go to Vietnam, and I’ll die.’ And they weren’t kidding around. It was intense. It got very personal. But I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t afford to get distracted because I didn’t want to mess up the test. So I just kept looking down, hoping that the proctor would walk in the room. I know that I can be perceived as aloof or cold or unemotional. But I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions. And that’s a hard path to walk. Because you need to protect yourself, you need to keep steady, but at the same time you do…

It's Not Her, It's Us

Gallons of digital ink have been spilled trying to figure out why Clinton struggles so much with likability. But perhaps the problem isn’t with her at all. Maybe it’s with us.

Black Women Need Clinton

Barack Obama was race, Hillary is gender. Black women need both. Secretary Clinton, you're no Barack ObamaNo matter how much Donald Trump throws these inequities in our faces, most African-Americans will never vote for him. Polls currently show Trump with only 1 percent of the black vote.But that doesn't mean that black voters, particularly women, will turn out for Clinton with the same voraciousness as they did for Obama. And just because Obama plans to turn Clinton's election into a referendum on his political legacy, it doesn't mean African-Americans will take the bait.Clinton has to win over black voters on her own merit. And to do that, she must convince black women, in particular, that they won't get buried underneath the shattered glass when she breaks through the ceiling.

Syria: Time For Adult Behavior

US, Russia take Syria battle to new heightsLarvov and Kerry's speeches laid bare their widely divergent views of a war that has killed up to a half-million people, contributed to Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War II and allowed the Islamic State to emerge as a global terror threat.
Economically speaking Russia is a Second World country, India is Third World. But Syria is a tragic choice for theatrics between the two former Cold War military rivals. The right thing has to be done. The tragedy has to come to an end.

Trump’s Only Appeal Is Racism And Sexism

The guy's numbers don't add up. His round up and deport everybody plan runs into the hundreds of billions, just on logistics. The political meltdown around the idea also has to be factored in. He has been selling the wall like it were the Brooklyn Bridge.The dude lacks basic knowledge. He doesn't know the difference between the nuclear code and the air conditioner.He will be the oldest person ever to become president. And he eats burgers and burgers only. This fast food maniac is a heart attack waiting to happen. His cholesterol levels are as high as one of the Trump Towers.He has disdain for democracy itself, not just Mexicans.The guy is offering nothing but hatred. This guy is but David Duke who got half a billion from his father and a billion in tax breaks. And that adds up to less than his net worth. No, he has not been creating wealth in the private sector.But he is a more rabid sexist more than anything else. He is peddling the thought that only men can look presiden…

America Is Ageing And Immigration Is The Solution

Looks like immigration is not only America's past but also its future. America has an ageing population. The only way to keep the economy vibrant is by not only legalizing those already here but welcoming more people.

Hillary And Young Women

Hillary becoming president is different from Indira Gandhi or Benazir Bhutto becoming Prime Minister, or even Margaret Thatcher. The gender churn that I see following Hillary like a tornado's tail, I did not see with the others. There seems to be a basic structure to sexism that seems to be the exact same across cultures and income brackets and so this churn has global implications and I am uber interested. And to me the most surprising part is why aren't at least 80% women rallying behind Hillary? Gender is more defining for women than race is for black men. Hillary Clinton is not any more dishonest and untrustworthy or unreal than Barack Obama. She is definitely more qualified now than Obama was in 2008 and Bill Clinton in 1992, and I am safely quoting Obama on that.Barack Obama was the most promising president when he started in 2009. Let's face it. There was no other black president track record. It was 100% promise, 0% track record. And even now, eight years later, a …

Senator Elizabeth Warrior

Senator Elizabeth Warren's Native American last name must have been Warrior. It got anglicized to Warren. She should perhaps reclaim her original last name, like Calcutta went back to being Kolkata, and Bombay reverted to Mumbai and Bangalore is now Bengaluru again.The name change can wait. But the fight is now. She is 100% committed to seeing the first woman president. She should tweet a few times a week from now until that magic day in November. That will be enough to neutralize the venom and irrationality and megalomania that is Donald Trump. No one does it as good as Warren. She gets the theatrics just right.I thought this guy was just stupid. He is a fascist. The only thing more dangerous than a fascist is a stupid fascist.  

America And Democracy

America is not just another country like Ireland. It is an idea. The idea is democracy. The idea is that all human beings have been created equal by the Creator.America was founded with the goal of a total spread of democracy. What is the progress report? It snatched western Europe from the fascists and Eastern Europe from the communists, but is that it? White America saved white Europe. Is that it? Does democracy have a white skin? Does equality have a skin color?Human beings have been created in the image of God, all human beings, everywhere.This has to become a country where blacks and Latinos and Asians and women of all stripes feel equally at home, otherwise this country is going to fail at its founding mission of a total spread of democracy.Nobody more un-American has ever run for the presidency of the United States than the clown Donald Trump. Clowns can be dangerous. Trump is proof.Muslims have to feel at home in America before democracy will spread in the Muslim countries. Am…

Christians For Hillary

Christians feeling disenfranchised by a Republican Party hijacked by Donald Trump and who feel like they have hit a political stalemate by revisiting abortion and same-sex marriage every election now have an opportunity to leave the GOP and champion for issues such as, poverty, human rights, gun control, and climate change which are surprisingly led by Democrats.Hate toward another human being created in the image of God is a violation of the greatest commandment, “to love the Lord with all your heart mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself.”Christians have always believed in protecting God’s creation and today more Christians are taking a stand on climate change.  Christians arestrong advocates of helping refugees and have broken away from their political base on the Syrian refugee crisis to voice their concerns, sending a clear message that neither party should politicize people in need.  

What Is Sexist About Trump's White "Nationalism"

Women should be more offended than Mexicans. For Trump's "white nationalism" to make any sense, Hillary would have to be black, or Hispanic, or some other version of non white. What Trump refers to as white nationalism and others refer to as racism is but rabid sexism. A woman is not capable of projecting cultural pride. You need a bad mannered boorish man.

Hillary's New Deal

Hillary's New Deal: How a Clinton Presidency Could Transform AmericaThis is the choice Americans face – between alternatives as starkly opposed to each other as in any election in our history, excepting the one in 1860, which led to the Civil War.There on the convention stage was Sanders himself, railing against "the 40-year decline of our middle class" and "the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality that we currently experience." There was Sen. Elizabeth Warren, explaining how the system is rigged for CEOs and predators like Trump. And there, too, was Hillary Clinton, proclaiming that "Democrats are the party of working people," but the party needed to show it better; then saying, "Our economy isn't working the way it should because our democracy isn't working the way it should"; and touting a government program funded by targeted tax hikes on the rich, the "biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War I…

Unfair Coverage

Unfair To A Woman Running for president is both exhausting and stressful; in 2004, John Kerry also came down with pneumonia during his presidential campaign. Clinton's e-mails now rival the Watergate scandal as one of the most reported stories in political history.The offensive against Hillary Clinton fits into the context of a much larger cultural and political assault: the Republican-led "War on Women," a term that's been maligned and in some ways overused, but nonetheless speaks to the lengthy and concerted effort on the part of the GOP to control women's bodies and wages in order to reduce women's power. It's mostly forgotten that Republicans, not Democrats, were the original champions of women's rights: leading the charge for women's suffrage and also backing the Equal Rights Amendment from its inception in 1923 to its proposed ratification in 1972. This changed toward the end of the Nixon administration, which seized the opportunity to explo…