Trump Is The American Brexit

World War II ended. So ended the British Empire. Brexit is the second dose of the double whammy. It is not the young Brits who went all out for it. These are retired seniors who can't fathom how the Polish can be called white, or Italians. The Brits are saying, you don't understand. The British Empire is really, truly over. We are a little bigger than Ireland, and a lot bigger than Iceland, but that's about it. Don't be dragging Greenland into this conversation.

Donald Trump is the worst nightmare of Americans who still happen to think America is the number one country. That is why pretty much the entire Republican security establishment is officially behind Hillary. They see an avalanche cascading down Mount Everest. Trump wants to dismantle NATO. Putin is not on record wanting to dismantle NATO. You have to wonder.

To say you are going to build a wall on the Mexican border is, strictly on practical terms, kind of like saying you are going to bring back Tupac. You might agree or disagree with the idea, but it just is not in human capacity to build the wall. That just so happens to be Trump's number one agenda item. And that is why Trump 2016 needs to be sued like Trump University is currently being sued in a few different states. The wall idea is out and out a fraud. The very idea is scam. This is worse than someone trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. That bridge is much smaller and it happens to exist. But Trump is doing it. He is from Queens, not Brooklyn. He doesn't care.

Trump himself doesn't believe the wall can be built, or he would have tried to factor it into his budget. But no, according to Trump Mexico is paying for it. That is like saying to those to be executed through lethal injection, go buy your own syringe. The Mexican president has made it absolutely clear: "We are not paying for that f______ wall!"

The how part is even more ridiculous. How, according to Trump, is Mexico going to pay for it? Because Mexico has a trade deficit with America. That is like saying China has a trade surplus with America, and so the US government should go build the road from Beijing to Berlin that the Chinese want built. America has a trade deficit with China but that doesn't mean the US government owes the Chinese government money. The US government does owe the Chinese money, but that is borrowed money, not trade deficit money. If you have to explain this much to someone running for president, you should be accused of insulting that person's intelligence. Hello. Anyone upstairs?

So you have a ridiculous idea wrapped in another ridiculous idea all wrapped up in yet another ridiculous idea, like those Russian dolls. That is the central plank of Trump 2016. If Donald Trump does become president that will be a clear signal to the world America is tired of being the number one country. Trump is Boris Johnson times 10. At least Boris is aware he is a clown.

Not all concrete in the Trump Towers of the world is enough to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Number two is immigration. Trump doesn't like it. He is against it. He is not for it at all. He is opposed to it. Do you get it?

This is like China saying, ban the communist party. Or North Korea saying, conduct the next test on Kim Jong Il. Or India saying, banish all the gods. Or Brazil saying, the soccer party is over, no more soccer. Or Jamaicans saying, no more partying. Immigration is the very definition of America. No soccer, no Brazil. No immigration, no America. His real slogan is Make America Vanish.

His third agenda item is to rob "the poorly educated," as he puts it, in broad daylight. You light up the racial fires under poor white bottoms to get them to vote against their own economic self interests. You call Mexicans rapists for six, seven, eight months, and then you unveil your tax cuts for those who don't need it plan. By then it's too late. The poorly educated have already pledged allegiance. The white working class. Man does not live on bread alone, but on Satan's hate speech.

Damnit, Hillary. Don't be scaring people with these tightening polls. It is about the madman and the nuclear code.

Mitch McConnell is yet another fallen angel. That guy owes his leadership position among Republicans to his racism and racism alone. The competition is, who is the most racist among us? That would be Mitch. Give him the gabel.

Racism is a heart disease, spiritually speaking. Mitch McConnell has put the US constitution into the acid tank by not letting the president make the nomination to the Supreme Court. He is another guy who has not read the US constitution. And now Mitch has single handedly scuttled the criminal justice reform that both parties and even the Koch brothers (a political party in their own right) had agreed on. Yes, defer to the leadership. He is the most racist among you. Black folks are in jail, which is where they belong. That's right. And Lincoln imagined free blacks. No, he didn't.

Mitch McConnell is the Jesse Helms of Kentucky. Jesse looked down upon Africans because everyone in America looked down upon him. The guy had nowhere to go.

And Trump, the king of fast food, is supposed to be healthy? Trump would like French fries (freedom fries) with that.