Donald Trump Is A White White Collar Criminal

His business career, all of it, has been that of a white white collar criminal.

Trump University was a fraud.

This guy has been in the casino business. Someone told him that is where you go to bilk money.

He has a long track record of outright refusing to pay small vendors.

He has defrauded New York city voters of close to a billion dollars. He has taken money from New York city like New York City were his father.

And now he is out to steal 25 billion dollars from all those who are clamoring for him. That is a conservative price estimate on the wall that will never exist.

Selling the wall is worse than trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge. You have been had.

Catch Donald If You Can.

And, if you did not know, all those buildings with his name on them. He does not own them. His real estate career is like fake boxing you see on TV. He is not in the construction business. He only licenses out his last name.

This guy is fake. This is a fraudster.