Sexism Has To Be Confronted Head On

Women should not seek combat roles, or roles in the army, period, otherwise, of course, they will get raped by fellow soldiers, said Donald Trump.

A judge somewhere echoed him one or two weeks later. He demanded of a rape victim, "Why did you not keep your knees together?"

That is the Zika virus of extreme sexism spreading through media fluids.

But it went unanswered by Hillary 2016.

I know how this works. I have experienced it for racism on a smaller stage.

First you are in denial. He could not have said it. How could he have? He was on national television. But oh he so did.

Then you wish to avoid the mud. I don't have to stoop to his level. He got down and dirty. I don't have to get down and dirty. I am better than him.

Then you hope others also disapproved of it. They perhaps did.

Finally you hope others will fight on your behalf. After all you seem to be sitting on a billion dollar team. But nobody does. Because, well, you are supposed to be the standard bearer. Unless you charge there is no fight. Everyone is looking at you.

"Every time I think about Trump I get allergic," said Hillary, coughing, a few days after Trump’s rape remark.

A lot of people thought she was a slick politician making lemonade out of lemon. The coughing was proving to be inconvenient.

But that is the most accurate diagnosis of what happened on 9/11. Hillary was seen collapsing.

Treat her for pneumonia, yes. Assign an aide who makes sure she drinks three liters of water per day, yes. Do all that.

But confronting sexism is the top agenda item. 160 million women don't need to see a woman take it. They can and have been doing that on their own, no thank you. 160 million women (and plenty of men) need to see the first woman president give back as good as she gets. Trump’s sexism has to be confronted head on.

Trump's rape remark, if you mull about it enough times in confusion and indecision, can weaken your immune system. It is biology. That is what happened. And that is not something to feel shame for. That is an opportunity to empathize with all those young women who respond to a relentlessly sexist media with eating disorders. There are too many of them.

Hillary knows foreign policy, she knows health care, she knows minimum wage, but does she know how to confront sexism head on? Will she display it?

Trump’s rape remark was no fluke. He knew what he was doing. He knew the impact it will have. It was as precise as George Bush I sending guided missiles into precise windows in Baghdad.

Sexism is an ideology. It is like communism. It is well thought out. It is well structured. It has widely understood codes and symbols and persistent myths. It drags everybody down. It is Satanic. It strikes humanity at its most fundamental diversity, that of gender.

Hillary becoming president is different from Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, the women in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, even Merkel and May. She is having to wade through this gender churn, which, tackled right, will be good for the cause of gender equality everywhere. But not if it is not confronted. Head on.

Trump can use rape as both a racist and a sexist weapon, at the same time. He thinks he can use it against both Mexicans and women. He thinks rape is a double edged sword that works for him both ways. He has to be proven wrong.  

Trump is a high school bully pretending to be a presidential candidate. That is all there is to it.

And now you have a Kentucky Governor threatening violence. The Zika virus has been spreading. Kentucky seems to be the New York City of the Republican Party. That would be the second prominent sick mind in one state. Despite the threat of violence the dude still does not beat Mitch. Two deplorables.

Barack Obama has sex appeal. Mitch McConnell has none of it. That is what makes him so dangerous.  

Lucifer can touch and make sick. Lucifer can also speak and make sick. But Lucifer is neutralized through confrontation.