Needed: Sexism Experts

This first pre debate is a major scare.

And you thought Trump says really amazingly hostile things about Mexicans because, well, they are over there in Mexico. And the Muslims are far away.

But I was absolutely stunned by his cavalier remarks about sex crimes. A Senate Majority leader made a racist remark years ago and lost his job. I am not one to rate racist remarks. All of them stink. But to compete with Trump that dude would have had to defend lynching.

The moderator spends the majority of his Hillary time pillorying her on emails. I wonder why the FBI cleared her of any wrongdoing. The FBI has no standing in Trumpland. It's not just the generals.

And the constant interruptions.

And letting Trump get away with his vacuous statements. Moderators are supposed to cross question and get to the bottom of things.

There are climate change experts. There are health care experts. I am sure sexism experts also exist. This is a public policy issue. The moderator's behavior needs to be dissected by the sexism experts.

There is a reason America has never had a woman president. You can't quietly sneak in a woman into the Oval Office and say, yeah, we did it, the sexism is gone.

Sexism has to be talked about. There was plenty on display in the pre debate.

Hillary 2016 needs to hire some specialists, some sexism experts. The campaign has to be seen fighting the blatant sexism. A moderator is a referee, not an enabler of the 21st century American Third Reich.