Donald Trump’s Racism Is A Heart Disease

Anti Semitism is a different strain of the same virus. As is sexism. Racism is a heart disease. Spiritually speaking. It is not a bodily ailment. The reference to skin color is superficial. It is not about skin color.

It is not in the mind. Or Donald would use his mind. He would read. He would ask around. He would do data analysis. He would face the facts. But he is doing none of that.

It is not at the level of the soul. If he were to pray to God, God would guide him in the right path, but he does not pray, not to God.

Donald Trump's racism is a heart disease. Its roots might be in Satan worship (Satan says hate each other) but that which drives Donald to do what he does, and say all the hateful things, all that is because he has a heart disease. Racism is a sickness of the heart.

This dude actually sent people, private investigators, to Hawaii when he launched his sick birther campaign. If it were a mental inquiry he would actually be interested in Obama's birth certificate. But it was not a mind looking for facts. Donald was driven by his heart, his sick heart.

Racism is a heart disease that looks only for facts that fit. But the facts are highly unnecessary. Racism is its own fact. It does not really need external facts.

The pus is coming out. Hopefully the race relations wounds will heal in the aftermath. In North Carolina somebody started a Racists Anonymous. Go national with it.

It is not like he does not use his mind at all. That part of him is a scam artist. Through his racist talk he has bundled up people who he intends to rob in broad daylight with his tax cuts.


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