China's Only Future Is Political Reform

Barack Obama Deliberately Snubbed By Chinese

The best course is - - best as in best for the Chinese Communist Party - - that the CCP takes steps towards political reform. That means enshrining free speech and religious freedom into the Chinese constitution. Chinese nationalism is 100% in the mind. The Chinese also have a soul, just like everyone else. Then the CCP could offer two candidates for all major offices like president, governor and mayor and the people would vote and choose. So far so good. The CCP is still the only political party.

Otherwise the pressure will keep building. The Soviet Union was invincible and impenetrable until seemingly overnight it no longer was.

God has created human beings with free will. The human soul longs for the basic freedoms. It might or might not be in America's powers to see that to fruition beyond American shores. But God has Total Power. With God all things are possible.

But so far the indication is the CCP does not have the slightest intention to go in the direction of fundamental political reforms. It is wedded to the status quo. It feels like a till death do us part scenario.

In that case the pressure keeps building up until there is an explosion or implosion. The forces at march are to do with technological innovation. The Chinese can engage in only so much social media and ecommerce, only so much in global travel, only so much in rise in income before the spiritual thirst takes over. It is the most powerful force in all creation.

Barack Obama is not a weak black president Senate Republicans act racist towards. America has not seen a more powerful president, because America has never been in a more powerful position in absolute terms. The Chinese per capita income is seven times smaller with zero chances of achieving parity because you can't compete with free speech with lack of free speech. But the CCP doesn't care. With its political monopoly it only cares about the absolute GDP. It feels like it has swung past America. Warning: speed breakers ahead.

Senate Republicans and Donald Trump be damned. If Barack Obama could run for a third term he would easily win.

The American political system is a work in progress. There is campaign finance reform to do. Race and gender relations can be much better.

But the worry in China is a better state citizen relationship. How about no oppression? How about freedom? How about just being able to talk?

A tarmac insult is not something China can afford. A big chunk of China is still a Third World country.

Barack Obama could not have been elected president if he did not have street fighter political instincts. He has been a once in a 50 years kind of president. The Chinese should not underestimate this guy, not now, not a year from now, not 10 years from now.

In Nepal the Chinese have shown they don't know how a multi party democracy works. It is possible the Chinese "intelligence" is clueless about the idea of a US president in the final months of his office. The American democracy can look like a mess. It is by design. That is what free speech looks like. But the American state is as organized as any state can be at this point in time.

The Chinese people might be able to overtake America but that will never happen under the CCP monopoly, by definition. But the Chinese state itself has a shelf life of max 35 years. Before 2050 all world will have become one country. And yes, it will be a democracy.

But in the meantime we face a reality where China is a major trading partner to all major countries. That means there will be no major war. But the ideological tussle is very real and it is playing out most visibly in the South China Sea.

Authoritarian regimes, if they were to not make outlandish territorial claims, would collapse from within. Democracies have safety valves. If you are in power and you mess up, the opposition will blame you. But in an autocracy, that mechanism is missing. And so those in power project and create external threats. So the masses can vent their anger from time to time. That explains South China Sea.  

And Arunachal Pradesh.

America and India now are what America and Britain used to be. But this is a temporary arrangement until all world is one country.

Barack Obama might have a tarmac problem, but looks like the CCP has existential anxieties as a political entity. The Chinese people will see through it all soon enough.     

You do not end up in Barack Obama’s position from where he started, in Hawaii, without a birth certificate (source: Donald Trump), unless you have street fighter political instincts. It is not possible Obama got slighted and did not even notice. What the "secular" Chinese might not have noticed is the "Christian" Obama forgave, because he kept his eyes focused on the big picture. The big picture is global warming. And he decided to be "his brother's keeper." That is also the reason he brought up democracy and human rights. A democratic China could surpass America, the CCP political monopoly has a self imposed glass ceiling. So, obviously, he is not worried China might some day surpass America. Because he is "his brother's keeper." That happens to include the Chinese.

To a lot of people who work or spar with Obama, he comes across as "smarter." It is not biology. It is that he is higher up on the spiritual ladder. He simply sees more. By the grace of God.

Forgiveness is the turf of the strong, and I don't mean big defense budget strong.

You will know the Chinese "got" religion when they forgive the Japanese and the British.

China’s handling of the president’s arrival has created a narrative that the Chinese snubbed him. The reality, American officials say, is both simpler and more complicated.

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