Trump’s Wall

From: The Economist
The US-Mexican border stretches 1,989 miles, but the wall itself needn’t be as long thanks to the preponderance of natural borders like Rio Grande. Assuming a length of 1,000 miles (1,600 km) and a height of 40 feet (12 metres), Bernstein reckon that the wall would require $711m of concrete and $240m of cement. Including labour, the total cost of $15bn-$25bn is a bit more than Mr Trump's suggested $10bn. (Bernstein’s estimates presumably do not factor in Mr Trump’s construction expertise.)

Trump’s Full Speech On Immigration

Anyone with a skimpering knowledge of Politics 101, Economics 101, Geography 101, Wall Construction 101, Benefits Of Globalization 101, Productivity Gains Through Technological Innovation 101, No To Hate 101 will tell you Trump’s Wall is a wrong, hateful proposal. But the wall already exists. The Berlin Wall against inevitable globalization already exists in Donald Trump's mind.

In the modern era America started the trend of globalization. By now all world is on the bandwagon and rightly so.

But Donald Trump's hate is completely unhinged from facts and logic. He says Mexico will pay for it. How? Mexico runs a trade deficit with America "so we will use that money to get Mexico to pay for the wall." This guy obviously has no clue how trade deficits work.

That is like saying Obama is my pal, and he is going to pass a three trillion budget, and so I am going to get him to buy me Necker Island.

This dude actually sent people to Hawaii to do "research" on Obama's birth details.

Hate is its own fact. Hate is its own logic. Hate is its own reality. Donald Trump is proof.

In immigration speech, Donald Trump spurns softened tone and threatens Republican future - LA Times

Mexican president calls Trump's ideas 'a threat to the future of Mexico' - LA Times

Trump's Mexico visit stirs outrage: 'We don't want him' - LA Times   The anger crossed political lines. Members of the conservative National Action Party were as vociferous as people on the left. Margarita Zavala, a possible 2018 presidential candidate for the party, said Mexicans “have dignity, and we repudiate his speech of hatred.”......... Mexico City's local parliament declared Trump a persona non grata...........   “It feels like an insult,” said Elisenda Estrems, 41, an artist who was eating breakfast Wednesday morning at a Mexico City cafe. “The whole city will be up in arms. I hope they throw him out.”  ......... Mexican shops now specialize in yellow-haired Trump piñatas, ready to be smashed to bits. And the candidate is mocked in running jokes on social media and even in song......  Peña Nieto has been critical of Trump in the past, saying there is “no way” Mexico will pay for a border wall, and even comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler........  Some people suggested  Peña Nieto extended the invitation to both Trump and the candidate’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, but did not expect either to accept. It’s a tradition in some parts of Mexico, a kind of false hospitality that allows people to seem welcoming even when they’re not.


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