Education, Health: The Costs Are Supposed To Go Down, Dramatically

The costs for education and health are supposed to go down, dramatically, like the prices on computers have gone down over the years.

All educational materials can be digital and free. The education framework that America uses not even Henry Ford could recognize. There is a need for a fundamental update.

Lifelong education means you should be able to plug in any time, anywhere.

Universal high school education means putting the material out there and letting all seven billion people access it.

That also applies to community college and vocational training and college itself. All the way to cutting edge research.

These are not arguments against teachers and learning communities. We need many many more teachers. But these are teachers who fully embrace digital. They are in person but they can also be online.

Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will mean creativity and people skills are now more important than ever before.

There is a need for a fundamental rethink on how education gets served. Broadband and education are the new infrastructure. Pouring 500 billion dollars into concrete and steel because some white guys decided to buy into racist venom is going backwards in time. But 50 additional billions into education would be nice.

You could put 10 billion into a basic Universal Basic Income program. That would be cheaper than 500 billion into concrete and steel.

Infrastructure has to be built. But for infrastructure reasons. Not as a job creation program. Not jobs of yesterday. The same folks could be absorbed into jobs in solar power. That would be legitimate infrastructure.

Health has to start with wellness. Then the free basics. And that would be the way to keep the costs down in an otherwise exploding sector.

But instead of wellness you have capitalism run amok. Nutrition is in poor shape. There is much unhealthy eating. Exercise, yoga and meditation are in short supply. America should import as many Indian yoga instructors as it has software engineers.

Access to credit has to reach the lowest income brackets. Right now the barriers are largely racial and irrational.