Separation Of Nationalism And State

Just like the church state separation was enacted, there is a need to put in place a separation of nationalism and the state.

The nation state itself has to be reimagined.

The 2008 crisis was first and foremost a failure of the governments of the world. You can not globalize finance and not create a world government. Just like no government connected the computers of the world to the internet, finance globalized itself, spreading like a forest fire.

The kind of productivity gains that humanity has been fantasizing about for as long as there has been humanity are finally about to materialize and people are getting alarmed by it, because political and economic theory lag far behind the impending developments.

The heads of states of the world don't even have the political consciousness of the black marchers of the 1960s when they sought political equality.

Country after country across America and Europe are sprouting demagogues who are making all the wrong noise.

Political and economic theorists have to take the primary blame. And then the political leaders of the world.

The political landscape has to be thought anew. Global finance has to be reimagined. The world has been writing off trillions for lack of the right theoretical frameworks. Real lives are being impacted.

The political institutions are to meet political needs. A currency can't be a vehicle for nationalism either.

Nationalism is to do with culture, language, heritage, history, myths. It is not for political and economic institutions to meet those needs.

And, no, racism is not nationalism. Racism is racism. Racism is a heart disease, spiritually speaking. Racism is Satan saying hate each other.

God says love one another.

I vouch for separation of nationalism and state and separation of racism from the state. There should be zero tolerance for racism in the public sphere.

Donald Trump has a heart disease. He is a racist.