America: Laughing Stock Of The World

Donald Trump has turned America into the laughing stock of the world, and he is not even president yet. I wonder how much more he could do as president.

Within 18 months of the start of a Trump presidency America will see a recession comparable to the one in 2008. The Fed has less room to play right now, that's why.

President Donald Trump I will start work on the wall. President Donald Trump IV will finish the work, I am confident. It might take a few generations but the Trumps will get it done. Rome was not built in a day.

By the time Trump is done with his presidency in 2020 the world will see somewhere between 20 and 30 new nuclear powers.

A record number of Russian oligarchs will buy real estate from Trump Inc. Trump University will see a second life without any change in business practices.

America will have become the fourth largest economy in the world, still ahead of a comfortable number of economies, ahead of over 190.

And America will have become great again by reclaiming its status as the dominant continental power in North America that it once was.

Russia will also have become great again by gobbling up more of Ukraine and all of the Baltic states while President Trump was out on his coffee break.

NATO and NAFTA are in tatters and China now leads the East Pacific Free Trade Zone, the most vibrant segment of the world economy.

The former Yugoslavia now is what Syria used to be. War is back.

ISIS never recruited faster after Trump created an internment camp for Muslims.

America has walked away from the Paris Agreement. NYC now sees a Sandy every year.

That is the Trump Path, folks. Pick wisely.

America's very identity is at stake.

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