Listening To The People

A small d democrat listens to the people even when they don't vote for them. This is no time to write off the working class.

Sin has to be confronted. Evil has to be confronted. Racism, misogyny, xenophobia are all evil, to be confronted.

But there are genuine concerns. The number one reason behind the meltdown of 2008 is not because bankers are evil people but because finance globalized but the politicians did not create a world government to go with it. They still have not done that.

Primarily due to the fast changing world of technological innovation we are about to enter the era of hypercapitalism. So far it has been liquid water physics. Soon it will be steam physics. But political and economic theorists lag far behind. Academics have been behind the curve.

In hypercapitalism you take one world government, one global economy for granted and you put human capital on equal pedestal with financial capital and technological capital. Later on a universal basic income is introduced.

None of this is part of the political conversation. And people feel like they are running blind.

Years ago there were random fires across Greece because it had become unusually dry. The culprit was global warming. But the local police started rounding up the known arsonists.

Jobs are disappearing in China also. Most jobs that are being lost in America are being lost to automation. Not to Mexicans or the Chinese. But Trump is laying the blame on the Mexicans. That is scapegoating. That is flagrant demagoguery. That is racist and offensive.

Sin leads to collapse and unhappiness. Racism, sexism, xenophobia are sin. Trump is a Pied Piper, leading people to ruin.

Humanity is at the cusp of potentially the most exciting era in human history. There are choices to make and decisions to take. It will not automatically happen.

The Trump pessimism is highly misguided.

Racism is its own fact. Hatred is its own fact. And Trump is peddling it.