Looks Like An Orangutan, Acts Like A Chimpanzee

If America elects Donald Trump president, America can go back to being the North American power it once was. India will step in. China will step in. In 10 years Africa will step in. Mexico will take Texas, then you will no longer have "immigration issues."

You can not claim you are the leading country and act like America is an island. People running for president regardless of party will have to respect the world. I don't know if this guy is an orangutan or a chimpanzee, he looks orange like an orangutan and beats his chest like a chimpanzee, so it's confusing, but this guy has been giving non white kids across the globe self esteem issues for a full year now. This pig person has been giving serious self esteem issues to young girls across America and across the world. The guy is a total pig. He is a total foul mouth and he is not going to get away with it.

This will not stand.

There can be legitimate philosophical and ideological differences. Differences in knowledge and intelligence are allowed. But this guy is not running on any of that. This guy is running on pure hatred of everyone who does not look a chimp like him. That is a lot of people.

His rabid sexism will not stand. His out of control racism will not stand. His xenophobia can go on his hair. There is no place for it in America, not in this world.