America And Democracy

America is not just another country like Ireland. It is an idea. The idea is democracy. The idea is that all human beings have been created equal by the Creator.

America was founded with the goal of a total spread of democracy. What is the progress report? It snatched western Europe from the fascists and Eastern Europe from the communists, but is that it? White America saved white Europe. Is that it? Does democracy have a white skin? Does equality have a skin color?

Human beings have been created in the image of God, all human beings, everywhere.

This has to become a country where blacks and Latinos and Asians and women of all stripes feel equally at home, otherwise this country is going to fail at its founding mission of a total spread of democracy.

Nobody more un-American has ever run for the presidency of the United States than the clown Donald Trump. Clowns can be dangerous. Trump is proof.

Muslims have to feel at home in America before democracy will spread in the Muslim countries. America is that kind of a country.