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The Best Way To Understand Brexit

If you can create a world government then there is no Brexit. A country like the UK could become four different countries, but keep the pound. If sovereignty rests with people everywhere then only the people may decide national boundaries.Currency stability should not be the responsibility of a national government. The world government could take responsibility for that.A world government could provide every human being a biometric ID, and through that database conduct elections at all levels everywhere.The nation state itself needs to be fundamentally challenged. People ask, whose century is this? China's? India's? Asia's? Or still America's? All world will have become one country long before 2050. The question is moot. And this is not the Internet century either. The Blockchain will be bigger than the Internet, and the Blockchain will not be the final big technology wave. With Universal Spiritual Centeredness the world will see many such waves, each bigger than the l…

स्वामी का बाभनवाद

स्वामी बाभन है। सत्ताधारी कोई भी हो वो सता के नजदीक पहुंच ही जाता है। चाहे इन्दिरा गांधी हो या मोदी। रघुराम राजन को तन्ग किया तो राजन आउट। राजन आउट तो जेटली पर हमला शुरू। लोगो ने प्रश्न किया तो स्वामी का पोस्चर था कि मैं मोदी का आदमी, मेरा मोदी और अमित शाह से सीधे बात होता है। तो लोगों को शन्का हुआ। मोदी से सीधा बात करने वाले तो जेटली, ये फिर मलाई में मक्खी कौन? राजन के विरुद्ध मीडिया क्याम्पेन करने की कोई जरूरत नहीं थी। राजनीतिक रूप से घटिया कदम था। जो स्वामी ने लिया। केंद्रीय बैंक के गवर्नर के कार्यकाल को और समय देना न देना प्रधानमंत्री के अधिकार की बात है और वो बात सब को मालूम है, राजन को भी मालूम है। राजन मेरीट वाले लोग हैं। वो दुनिया के किसी भी देश का केंद्रीय बैंक या वित्त मंत्रालय चला सकते हैं। लेकिन प्रधानमंत्री बनने की काबिलियत नहीं। कान का डाक्टर हड्डियों के भी डाक्टर हो ये जरूरी नहीं। राजन को लगा मोदी हिन्ट दे रहे हैं स्वामी के मार्फत। गलत लगा। स्वामी जैसे लोगों का कोई बौस नहीं होता। बगैर लगाम का घोड़ा। इतना बड़ा देश, राजन के अलावे और कोई चला ही नहीं सकता ऐसी बात नहीं। लेकि…

Warren, Wall Street, And The VP Ticket

No The world will go mad before it succumbs to climate catastrophe. You could argue The Donald is already taking the lead on the going mad part.No Warren on the ticket and America ends up with not one but two fractured conventions. That will be like America went mad.Sometimes I feel the Clintons think too much in terms of loyalty. Nobody is trying to be loyal to the Clintons. People are just trying to get the political work done.You can get too good at building the political machine and end up the political IBM of the 1990s.The people who tried and failed to draft Warren are the ones who voted for Bernie. Warren refused to be drafted in an obvious nod to Hillary. If Hillary had not been in the picture Warren would have run. And won.That is not someone with rabble rousing intentions. That is someone with intentions to defer to Hillary's centrist instincts.But what if Warren on the ticket gives Hillary the House? Then the center itself will have moved to the left.About time.The same…

Two More Arguments For Warren

One is that she is the only person in both parties who seems to know exactly how to tackle Trump. The second is that the left that Warren represents and the center that Hillary represents have to be welded together. Otherwise what is the Democratic Party?

America Needs To Build A Wall Around Donald Trump

America is a country of immigrants. That is America's past, present and future. That is the source of America's greatness. Donald Trump might lose all 50 states, but he doesn't care. He knows he can be on TV anytime he wants next year. To him that is "winning."But there is no mistaking the poisoning of the atmosphere. His rhetoric is so thoroughly inflammatory. There is no arguing against free speech, no matter what The Donald says, but I wonder if America needs to build a wall around Donald Trump.

The Biggest Fallacy In American Democracy

The biggest fallacy in American democracy is that America is going to wait until every country on earth has become a democracy, and since that might not happen for a while, America is going to fight the idea of a world government tooth and nail.

Except now America's hand is being forced. The world's hand is being forced. Planet earth is Titanic, headed straight for an iceberg right now.

On a phenomenon as complex as climate and weather, there is remarkable agreement among scientists on where we stand today, and where we are headed in the near future. A hurricane like Sandy was never supposed to hit a city like New York, but it did.

Right now the planet is headed on a path to more and more extreme weather conditions. That going out of hand is a scenario where weather conditions in all parts of the world are extreme, volatile, and completely unpredictable. The fastest computers will have no clue. That is a bye bye agriculture scenario. Six billion people die. To get there …

Why Warren?

A campaign has to go through its motions and considering someone for Veep is a great way to reach out to an important constituency, but I don't see how anyone except Elizabeth Warren can be it.No woman has ever been president. Why do you think that is? Sexism.Sexism is wrong. Sexism is unnatural. Sexism was never God's intention. It drags everybody down.You can not rectify the situation with just one woman. You need two women on the ticket.The stars have aligned.Barack Obama, in his endorsement, called Hillary "the most qualified person ever to hold the office." I thought he was being objective.This woman was Co-Governor for go count how many years. This was not some pretty woman standing by the side cutting ribbons. She basically architected Bill Clinton's reelection when he lost a term. This woman was Co-President for eight years. Not only that she will bring in Bill Clinton in a large role, possibly creating a political trinity. (First Lad?) Bill Clinton has s…

Donald, You Are No Jack Kennedy

Some Senator used that line against Dan Quale to devastating effects. That Senator was inducted into his cabinet by Bill Clinton, I think for using that line.And now we have the gutter politician Trump University chancellor (left, right, center, gutter) suggesting he is Jack Kennedy. He is not being as direct. He is merely suggesting his wife is like Jackie Kennedy.I don't qualify for anyone's cabinet and I am no Senator but, Donald, you are no Jack Kennedy. But nice try. And beautiful wife.

The Gutter

In politics there's the left, there's the right, there's the center, and there's the gutter. Donald Trump is in the gutter with his racist, sexist, xenophobic talk.

Holocaust Denial, Climate Change Denial

Donald Trump's number one crime is Climate Change denial.In a worst case scenario Climate Change kills more than six billion people. Humanity is back in the stone age. And this is in the future. And it is preventable.The path the earth is on right now leads to the worst case scenario. There is some serious steering to do.But if the steering is done, the best case scenario has solar meeting 100% of the energy needs by as early as 2030, and the world ends up with almost free, limitless clean energy.The best case scenario is The Age Of Abundance on all fronts.Step one is a genuine world government. Barack Obama needs to play George Washington.In short, there is a bend in the road, probably one of the most important bends in human history. To use one of Obama's favorite phrases, the arc of history bends towards justice, but it does not bend on its own.There is work to do. There are choices to be made. There is a guy with horns and a tail to be vanquished. His name is Donald Trump.…

New York City Is Under Colonial Rule

It is. Half of New Yorkers can't even vote in the city elections. Taxation without representation is going on, big time. The capital city of the world has full fledged colonial rule.Mexicans pretty much run this city. As in, take away the Mexicans and the city grinds down to a halt. And Mexicans are almost all Christians, devout ones too. That does not seem to help. There is full throttle anti Mexican racism. Every brick of the Trump Tower has some Mexican's name written on it.Name calling is the tip of the iceberg. Structural racism is the iceberg. Like, denying voting rights. That is the mother lode of structural racism.A functioning democracy is like a functional marketplace. Demand and supply takes care of things.NYC is the biggest bastion the Democratic Party has. But it is under colonial rule. So in a functioning democracy the way it would work is the opposition party would step in. The Republican Party would pick up the cudgels to end colonial rule and spread the love o…

A Campaign To Thoroughly Discredit Reagan

There is a campaign underway to thoroughly discredit Ronald Reagan, the Republican gold standard, and, surprisingly, it is not coming from the Democratic side. There are conservatives out to prove Ronald Reagan was exactly like The Donald before he got elected president. Reagan also supposedly hosted a talk show. Trump talks of Mexican rapists, Reagan supposedly holds the copyright on the phrase "welfare queen," an intentional gross exaggeration of the facts. There seem to be quite a few such parallels.Facts-free racism, as directed against Barack Obama by a recalcitrant Congress, and facts-free sexism, completely unhinged from facts and logic, as directed against Hillary (for the umpteenth time, it is the Department Of Defense, not State, that has been tasked with protecting embassies) is a slippery slope. When you lack political mojo, but you practice it, then, it is a slippery slope. You keep falling. If it were evidence based decision making, data based, subject to logic…

Whose Job Is It?

Donald Trump went all the way to New Mexico to denounce the Republican Latina governor of the state for "not doing her job."I wonder if he thinks the wall is her job. That there is no wall means she is not doing her job.New Mexico is a border state, is it not?

Men's Genius On Abortion

That the way to eliminate abortions in society is by making abortions illegal, I have no idea who wrote those laws when they existed, but if I had to guess, those laws were written by men. Only manly genius could have come up with such a thing.Like some dude said only a few years ago, the way to stop rape was for women to "shut the whole thing down," which takes us right down to Anatomy 101, back to the basics, as they say.You could not make poverty illegal and thus end it. You end poverty through economic growth and public policy. That there is any trace of poverty on earth is a failure of public policy.Abortion is the same way. You have to tackle it through a wide range of policy initiatives. Helping women attain purchasing power parity with men tops my list on abortion. Treating domestic violence as the top global security threat is right up there. Universal and easy availability of family planning services is a no brainer, and by universal I mean global. Sex education (y…