Holocaust Denial, Climate Change Denial

Donald Trump's number one crime is Climate Change denial.

In a worst case scenario Climate Change kills more than six billion people. Humanity is back in the stone age. And this is in the future. And it is preventable.

The path the earth is on right now leads to the worst case scenario. There is some serious steering to do.

But if the steering is done, the best case scenario has solar meeting 100% of the energy needs by as early as 2030, and the world ends up with almost free, limitless clean energy.

The best case scenario is The Age Of Abundance on all fronts.

Step one is a genuine world government. Barack Obama needs to play George Washington.

In short, there is a bend in the road, probably one of the most important bends in human history. To use one of Obama's favorite phrases, the arc of history bends towards justice, but it does not bend on its own.

There is work to do. There are choices to be made. There is a guy with horns and a tail to be vanquished. His name is Donald Trump.

The world government charges an annual membership fee of 1% of GDP from all countries. There are two chambers to its parliament. In the lower chamber each country's weight is in proportion to its population. In the upper chamber each country's weight is in proportion to its GDP. There are three branches to the government. The UN sees a sunset. A world government is born.



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