Why Warren?

A campaign has to go through its motions and considering someone for Veep is a great way to reach out to an important constituency, but I don't see how anyone except Elizabeth Warren can be it.

No woman has ever been president. Why do you think that is? Sexism.

Sexism is wrong. Sexism is unnatural. Sexism was never God's intention. It drags everybody down.

You can not rectify the situation with just one woman. You need two women on the ticket.

The stars have aligned.

Barack Obama, in his endorsement, called Hillary "the most qualified person ever to hold the office." I thought he was being objective.

This woman was Co-Governor for go count how many years. This was not some pretty woman standing by the side cutting ribbons. She basically architected Bill Clinton's reelection when he lost a term. This woman was Co-President for eight years. Not only that she will bring in Bill Clinton in a large role, possibly creating a political trinity. (First Lad?) Bill Clinton has sound political instincts, outstanding emotional intelligence, outstanding economic credentials, and possibly the largest personal network of anyone alive today. This woman was Senator. This woman was a presidential candidate who only narrowly lost to someone as gifted as Barack Obama. She was Secretary Of State. And she was outstanding. I am still trying to understand how she solved Burma. So, yes, she is very, very qualified. But the next woman after her should not have to be this qualified. I am hoping the next woman president only will have been Governor before assuming the big office.

Warren is also very qualified. She is so qualified I think if she had run instead of Bernie, there is no telling what might have happened. But that she did not run is testimony to the fact that she is a team player who prizes Hillary's centrist instincts. For it is not about making the right noise. It is about getting things done. Bernie, on the other hand, can come across as unrealistic. He seems to think if he can only convince one person Hillary. That is not how it works. If it were only about convincing one person Hillary, much bigger things than anything Bernie has proposed would materialize.

Which is why Bernie has to do all he can to bring all his supporters to Hillary. The bigger the mandate, more gets done.

As I am seeing right now, this is going to be the most uncontested presidential election in US history. The White House part of the race is over. The Senate part of the race is over. Now it is about the House. Hillary could win the House. Hillary could win Texas. Hillary could win the South with abortion.

But for that you need Warren. Warren is the original flag bearer, the original leader, the first choice of the crowd that went for Bernie. You add that crowd to your crowd, and you are already at 55%.

Two strong, smart women on the ticket, and a lot of Republican women will ditch the party. Now you are at 60%.

Blacks were already with Hillary. By now Hispanics are also as staunchly with Hillary. Thank you, Donald.

I just read a news report where some men on Wall Street are warning against Warren. These are sexist men who know nothing about politics and very little about banking. Don't listen to them.

One word: Blockchain.

This election is as existential as Climate Change. No mandate will be too big.

The next three Supreme Court judges going progressive, America will get the campaign finance reform and electoral reform it deserves.

This is not just about one country. This is about all humanity.

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